Ocean Air Cycles and Swift Industries Docena Rando Bag Pre-Order Mar 11, 2016

If you’ve been eyeing up an Ocean Air Cycles Docena rando bag, now is the time. The first pre-order of 2016 is live until Sunday, March 13th.  Sewn in Seattle by Swift Industries, the Docena bridges the gap between a tall rando style front bag and a full sized porteur bag, with a ton of well thought out features.

Check out a few more photos below, and get the details at Ocean Air Cycles.

9.1 Docena Press Release Camo 1-1

9.1 Docena Press Release Camo-1

9.1 Docena Press Release Camo-5

9.1 Docena Press Release Camo-4

9.1 Docena Press Release Camo-3

2.8  Docena Press-1070169

  • That last pic is pure smut.

  • Richard Carle

    Can someone identify the front rack? Looks like something Nitto, I just haven’t found a model that works with mid fork eyelets yet.

    • Chris Valente

      Not sure what that one is but pretty sure Nitto makes one for Rivendell that fits mid fork eyelets.

      • dstroud

        Nitto Mark’s Rack.

        • Richard Carle

          Ah, now I get it. Never seen it mounted like that before. If it wasn’t so darn expensive I’d already own one.

          • dstroud

            Great little rack and the way it’s mounted here makes it even sturdier than the struts+dive board method, I imagine. But it does have a low weight limit of something like 4.5lbs. Of course I hear *wink wink* it can be way over-loaded with no issues.

          • Jason Ferrier

            Hah. I routinely put more than 10lbs in my Docena on that same rack setup on my Rambler. Never had any problems, and even every few months when I check bolts for tightness, nothing has loosened or moved. Great rack. I held out for more than 6 months before I bought my rack for a previous bike and when I got my Rambler I transferred it over immediately.

  • dstroud

    Take a look at all the photos on the site… this bag is so well designed I’m surprised that other companies aren’t stealing Rob’s ideas (yet). I think the premium over a regular rando bag is well worth it. I’d love to get one if I had a lower trail bike.

    • Henry

      I run a large Swift Industries bag on my Cross-Check and that has a mid trail fork. It isn’t necessarily “optimized”, but it handles the load pretty darn well. Unless your bike has an oddly long front end (like on an old path racer or something) you should be in the ballpark.

      • dstroud

        Yeah I run a front basket on my cross check and for a time I even put on the Soma low trail fork. I think it’s ok up to about 5 lbs but I prefer a saddlebag.

  • Brian Sims

    These Docena bags look so nice. Rob really nailed it! I hope to own one some day. A bit more space and features over my Acorn Boxy Rando bag.

    • Brian Sims

      And that pimp quick release system he designed with Nitto lamp mount and Ortlieb pannier mounts. He did a nice blog post on the set up a while back.

  • kimbo305

    What gears are on the crankset?

  • Matthew Araujo

    Can someone identify the mounting system (decaleur?) used with this rando bag?

    • It’s a custom piece made from an Ortlieb pannier rail, a kitchen cabinet handle, and a Nitto lamp holder. Rob has more on this on the Ocean Air Cycles blog.

      • Matthew Araujo

        Thanks! More motivation to fashion my own. The ingenuity is strong with this one.