MTB Dreamin’ Mar 3, 2016

It’s not often a mountain bike launch video is actually a legitimate short film. Nice work, Diamondback.

  • jesselash


  • AdamC

    This could only be better if David Attenborough was narrating!

    • Tim

      And Harry Leary ridding…

  • Gary Lawson

    Very cool. It would have been better without “film-trailer-voiceover-man” though.

    • Andy Moore

      Voiceovers and bad poetry = turn off the volume and cue Sleep for soundtrack

      Sick footage and editing, though!!!

  • Jake B Sorensen

    Beautifully shot. Cheesy voiceover.

  • Alex Hillis

    I can’t believe how good all the landscapes are in this. So much variety and all great shots. Voiceover doesn’t bother me actually, the concept wouldn’t make sense without some context and the rhyming adds to the Alice on Wonderland-esque idea of falling into MTB heaven.

  • Early vote for video of the year. I want to go there!

  • cork grips

    adding “ride along smithson’s spiral jetty” to my bucket list

  • JC

    Everybody go back and watch “Life Cycles,” and see why it’s so damn cool that Ryan Gibb is making MTB content again. You’ll have to learn to love Graham Tracey’s voiceover (which I’m a big fan of), but it’s without question the most transcendent piece of mountain bike cinema made. Flashes of that film can be seen from him again in this piece for Diamondback. Great, great stuff.

    • Ace Metric Cycles

      Graham Tracey seems to have a little Baldwin in that delivery!

    • I held back from mentioning that in the caption, so I’m glad you mentioned it! Life Cycles is so well done. I own it on DVD!

  • Jamie McKeon

    wow that was fucking mind blowing