Hitters in the Dark Mar 7, 2016

In winter months, you’ve got to make use of every hour of the day, including the darkest hours of the morning.

  • Jesse

    This. So much of this. Thanks for sharing this.

  • recurrecur

    These dudes need some dynamos.
    Don’t fear the drag – it’ll make you stronger.

    • Or just go SON and don’t feel anything.

      • Rider_X

        My last SON 28 had an annoying resonance kick in at 38-40 kph. Distracting in a club ride!

    • Eirik

      I don’t quite get the allure of (expensive) hub dynamos over a fairly cheap lights with an external battery. Naturally a battery has to be charged which is impractical, but the one I use works for 4-5 hours. More than I usually go out cycling in the dark for. AND I can easily swap it from one of my n+1 bikes to the other.

  • Jamie McKeon

    it’s cos the bloody kookaburras woke us up

  • Quinn.e

    Get up and get along