2016 NAHBS: Sycip Tourer

No matter what you spend your money on, be it a ‘cross bike, a mountain bike or a road bike, chances are you’ll put more miles on your touring bike but not on the open road. Most likely it’ll be running errands around town, or going to meet friends for coffee and yes, even a bar bike. My touring bike has seen more miles than all of my bikes combined, without a doubt, and so I really gravitate towards these utilitarian machines while at NAHBS. Now, whether or not I chose one to photograph, over say a MTB or a cross bike is totally up to fate but this Sycip tourer was just screaming for attention!

19 responses to “2016 NAHBS: Sycip Tourer”

  1. Jooci says:

    I’ve always wondered how practical and comfortable horizontal brifters like that would be! Would like to give em a try.

    • Gregory Ralich says:

      Big risk, big reward repurposing a part like that.. I bet it’s either awesome or awful.

  2. DamagedSurfer says:

    Sweet rig! I’m with you here John. There’s something awesome about a capable all-rounder you use day in day out, mile after mile. The horizontal brifters are interesting. I’ve never thought of that. I’m interested in the setup since I’m converting the drivetrain on my dirt tourer for lower MTB gearing, as I’m doing more mixed terrain.

  3. chrismoustache says:

    Fav of NAHBS so far!

  4. FireUrEngine says:

    gorgeous bike indeed!

  5. Jon B. says:

    anyone have experience riding sram brifters on a flatbar set-up? it would sure make the conversion to flat bar more cost efficient…

  6. recurrecur says:

    I’ve seriously been searching for this bike: fully rigid MTB with front & rear rack mounts. Surprisingly few options out there, despite the exploding interest in bikepacking.

  7. AdamBike99 says:

    Beautiful bike; brilliant execution with the brifter/bar combo. One critique: the current angles of the bars and brifters appear uncomfortably positioned for ones wrists and hands. Perhaps this bike hasn’t been fitted to it’s end user tho…

    • Dew Ber says:

      Almost impossible to achieve a linear position using a moustache bar. I never could get used to that.

  8. Ken says:

    What type of handlebars are those? I’m looking for something similar for my Traitor Crusade w/ hydraulic discs. Anyone have any idea?

    • Julius says:

      It is called a moustache bar. This particular model was made for Sycip by Nitto, it seems (browse through the photographs, there is one frontal shot of the stem clamp area).

      Nitto also makes a version for MTB levers and grips (I believe it is called the North Road Bar), but with a 25.4 clamp iirc.

      I run a moustache bar on my rando fixie. It is fun to ride and looks great but is not the most efficient bar atmo: lots of curves but few hand positions, looong reach stretches you out but lack of drop leaves you up there. Every time a headwind hits me I find myself wishing for that sprinting position a drop bar offers. Imho a shallow dirt drop bar does the trick better.

      As for the horizontal brifters: didn’t Shimano once make XTR brifters that worked in much the same way as a horizontally mounted brifter?

      • Andy Moore says:

        They did, and I have some. They work great for me, but were panned by the gravity set.

        • Dew Ber says:

          I found they work great with a Northroad style bar, in fact much more natural feel than a flat bar but by the time I wanted to start doing those conversions, they stopped making them.

      • Jon B. says:

        Yah Sycip has these bars online for $80.

    • noob_sauce says:

      I think these resemble Nitto’s Jitensha or Cinelli Priest bars (Both 25.4 clamping, i think) more than moustaches. Those bars I mentioned probably wouldn’t take road levers shifters too.

  9. Max Dilthey says:

    It’s been a week… This is my favorite NAHBS bike!