2016 NAHBS: Oddity Fatbike with Blue Paul Components

I love the swooping, curvy lines found in Oddity Cycles‘ machines. Part of that is due to the truss fork, which offers a bit more compliance than the typical carbon fork or rigid steel fork. This fatbike in particular though has some great color coordination with matching Paul Components blue anodized cranks, chain guard, skewers and Klamper disc brakes. To put it even more over the top, it’s rolling on those made in the USA HED fatbike rims

  • Ham Sandwich

    this bike is fresh tit meat.

  • Where does a joe schmo everyman nobody like me get a pair of bars like that?

    • bicyclecrumbs

      Directly from Oddity. He makes them

    • Ultra_Orange

      He’s making them at an affordable rate form what I here around here. I think those are the bars I was playing with a month ago!

      • Sean over at Oddity got back to me right away, which is awesome. The bars are $125 for the regular ones and $145 for the ones shown here, with the bends near the grips. Super reasonable considering they’re handmade one-offs and you can choose your own sweep and width!

        • Ultra_Orange

          Give burnsey all your monies!

        • Sean Burns

          My pleasure and great touching base with you Max!

  • White Mike

    let me be the first to say…. SO GOOD

    • breed007

      First up vote.

      • White Mike

        Up voting your up vote

        • breed007


          • Ham Sandwich

            we all know each other from outside the probably blog. exciting times. #whoisbicyclepubes

          • breed007

            Who is this?

          • White Mike

            Who dis is?

          • yer ma

          • Ultra_Orange

            The dude on top of your mom!

          • Ultra_Orange

            We could own this shit!


      • White Mike

        ALL CAPS #madvillainreference

        • Ham Sandwich

          when you spell the man naaame.

  • GT

    This site has just turned from regular to nasty porn..awww yeaaa~

  • unbefatfuckinglievable.

  • Ryan

    I asked Paul 5 weeks ago if mountain cranks were on the horizon and he said, “Maybe in the next few years but nothing this year.” Are these prototypes?

  • Matt Larson

    Oh My.

  • David Spiva

    I feel like there was a missed opportunity to paint the stays and the mid gusset the same sparkly space grey as the fork.
    Besides, this is bitchin jones space frame mutant.

  • Jacob Spencer

    Sorta curious – what’s the purpose of the upside down shark fin hook thing on the chainstay?

    • Ultra_Orange

      Bottle opener.

    • tylernol

      bottle opener, vicious cycles had those on their frames as well.

    • Jacob Spencer

      Ah, of course. Thanks.

    • Wil Blanchard

      Bottle opener!

  • Alex Rhino

    I love this thing! I’m not gonna complain that the sticker is kinda peeling and the fork has a little kachinga in it. It already has character. I tried to keep my Goodship clean and scratch fee but I chipped some paint off the forks as I loaded it into my car at the bike shop. Oh well.

  • Andy Moore

    Those blue Klampers are HOT!

  • Billy Arlew

    I’ve seen a lot of truss forks mounted in this fashion, but I wonder why I haven’t seen an integrated bullmoose bar/stem/truss fork? If it’s custom then it’s a set it and forget situation anyway… Has blacksheep done this?

    • Billy Arlew

      Shoot, build a rack into it while they’re at it…Pipe dreams..

      • Sean Burns

        Yes, Black Sheep has done that…

  • Nicholas Petersen

    Just noticed the blue Wolf Tooth cog on the back. Awesome.

  • George Simler