2016 NAHBS: Boo Bicycles SL-F Carbon Fatty with a Carbonara Lauf Fork

You know, I’ve never been someone who freaks out over a bamboo bicycle and I’m sure some of you might feel the same. Yet when I look at this Boo Bicycles SL-F fatty with that crazy Carbonara front fork, made by Lauf Forks, I couldn’t help but nerd out over it. Let me emphasize that: nerding out.

It’s NAHBS and as we’ve seen, there’s a lot of over the top extravagance yet this Boo Bicycles plucked a heart string just right…

  • Eric Bones

    I want to hate this bike so much but I can’t. Weird in all the right ways.

    • Right?

    • Smithhammer

      I bet it’s actually a blast to ride. Some seriously out of the box thinking, though. Right on, Boo.

      • Stiff when and where you want, forgiving when the trail gets rough. Basically the best handling material I’ve ever raced. If it weren’t so difficult to harvest, treat, and work with, I believe it would have superseded many other frame materials by now.

        • Jacob Klink

          Having to explain the handling of a bamboo bike just means your audience hasn’t take the time to ride a properly made frame. Too many errant assumptions about ride quality are based off that DIY guy every town has that’s going to “revolutionize the world with bamboo bikes”.

          Boo makes solid looking machines that I don’t doubt ride just as a bamboo bike should.

  • Matt Larson

    Give that Bamboo a nice ebony wood stain, and I would let it park next to my Retrotec.

    • We have tried…bamboo cannot stain, it’s entirely different than a hardwood whose grain absorbs moisture from multiple surfaces. Bamboo only conducts moisture through its ends where the fibers are exposed. So instead, we do some badass custom painting :) http://www.boobicycles.com/gallery

  • Ryan

    Bamboo spacer, nice touch.

  • FireUrEngine

    Gorgeous ride

  • kermitonwheels

    That’s super tidy. Not bamboo bikes I’ve seen before now have all looked a little home-made. This is another level of finish.