Riding the Rally Aysén Patagonia with Santa Cruz Bicycles: Day 03 and 04

Usually by the second day on a trip like the Rally Aysén Patagonia, your legs begin to feel all the climbing and hiking. For me, my back pain from carrying camera gear almost always adds to the pain. Not even the previous two day’s beauty, or the loud and obnoxious birds, nor the mooing cows could persuade me into leaving my tent. Needless to say, my usual rise-and-shining at 5:30am was pushed back a few hours on the morning of day 03.

Seb cornering.

Part of my reluctance also stemmed from knowing that a 300 meter hike-a-bike out awaited us. Something not even the delicious breakfast, or coffee would quell. But there’s something that always comes after you climb: descents and this one was a ripper.

We spent the next few hours on meandering trails, through scenic pastures and valleys and up across saddles. It wasn’t until we arrived at camp that night and I began to dump my photos that I realized just how beautiful our day had been.


In reality however, it was nothing compared to what awaited us on the final day… continuing reading in the Gallery!

We had four amazing days, thanks to Santa Cruz Bicycles and Matias Del Solar Goldsmith of for such a superb time!