Eric and His Ocean Cervelo S2 Road

Eric Bones is an artist. One you may know of through his collaborations with Firefly Cycles in Boston. “The Bones Project” bikes featured a high-contrast black and white design which was almost entirely done with a paint brush and a sharpie. As I said, Eric is an artist and artists need creative outlets so Eric began OCEAN, a team of sorts, focusing heavily on expanding from Boston where Eric is based, to the US and beyond. It might not seem like much, but that’s the point. Not every “team” needs to boast about conquests, some just need to look really, really good.

The Ocean Kit is an eye catcher and when you pair it with this Circle-A painted Cervelo S2 road bike, you’re bound to turn heads.

People of Boston fly west for the winter and I found a whole flock of them this week. One evening while we watched the sun set, I grabbed a few photos of this unique bike against an ombré sky…

  • YoungG


  • JP Coates

    I enjoy all of the alternative bikes posted here, but boy is it nice to see a proper road bike featured again. Especially one as nicely done as this one. Thanks!

  • Not personally fond of the colour scheme, but it’s still a damn good looking bike. Always nice to see other bikes with the KMC ‘gold’ chain. Makes me feel a wee bit less pretentious for having one. Anyone know what the Japanese featured on the bike and kit, says?

    • Eric Bones

      The Japanese Kanji on the chain stay says “Hyper Future Vision,” and the text underneath the eye logo says “Perception;” themes that Ocean has been rolling with for a while, I’d explain it but I’d have to kill you :/ :) Also, I love the KMC SL chains – they look great, do a great job on improving shifting performance (at least in my application), and actually do save you some weight. They are one of the things I always tell people to try out.

      • Awesome, thanks for the info mate. Yea I love the KMC SL chains as well. My local bike shop only carries SRAM, and every time I go in there I get a bit of side eye. Absolutely awesome chains. But let’s be real, the gold version, more often than not grates a lot of people, or at least it does here with the roadies. But hey, when I blow by my local roadies on a ’77 Raleigh, they probably don’t notice my chain. Anyway, awesome bike man. I bet it’s rad as hell out on the road.

        • Alex Hillis

          Funny, my shop only carries KMC! Got the gold one on my blue Jones 29er, and a black/red KMC to match my road frame. I’m a believer!

        • Sretsok

          I can’t wait for the stock chain on my new bike to wear out so I can replace it with a gold KMC. They look good on almost every bike, and I definitely don’t think it’s any more “pretentious” than having janky red ano everything.

      • Richard Carle

        I don’t to come across as a smartass, but those are Katakana not Kanji ;)

        • Eric Bones

          You are totally right, I have mixed this up more than once, but I swear I do know the difference! Thanks

  • I’m not sure if I’m more impressed by the paint, or the cockpit setup. Yeesh!

  • S. Harris

    That is one amazing looking bike.

  • Hubert d’Autremont

    Jay Nutini needs to get back in the paint game. Dude kills it.

  • That kit is so sick. Too bad everything is sold out.

    • Eric Bones

      Stay tuned, new pieces are in the works! :)

  • Carl

    That super low cockpit looks killer, now if only I had the flexibility to pull that off..

  • Jonathan Gresley

    Great design. Would love to see other design projects if you have a portfolio.

  • Brian Sims

    Interesting mix of straight up road frame that looks fast as hell with quasi messenger git up – shorts and belt clip keychain and all.

    • Eric Bones

      Good catch, I work as a courier in Boston! Cheers.

  • Jonathan Withecombe

    Would love to know what the tally on the stem is for?

  • RIck

    Nice set up, what kind of shorts?