2016 NAHBS: Retrotec 27.5+ Hardtail

Continuing with the domination of the 27.5+ wheel platform, this Retrotec hardtail brings everything in we’re accustomed to from Curtis Inglis, and then some. This year, Curtis has switched that new White Industries Narrow Wide 1x crankset on most of his mountain bikes at the show. There’s something special coming (for me) to the site later on, but for now let’s drool over this big, fat and beautiful hardtail.

  • Tyler Shannon

    man, you’re cranking out photosets this year. you must have your system dialed!

    • Shot 25 bikes today. So toast!

      • Papi

        John: Thank you for working so hard to bring the NAHBS to those of us that couldn’t make it out to Sacramento. Your photosets are excellent and are the next best thing to actually being there. Much appreciated.

        • Gregory Ralich


          • Dr. Thunder Gladstone

            Brilliant & lovely, Thank you

        • ABW


      • ReXTless

        Thanks for all your hard work. Truly amazing photos!

  • AdamBike99

    Finally- W. Ind narrow/wide!
    This bike… The frame details and paint. Not to mention All the best American made bits; I’m drooling all over my check-list!

  • Smithhammer

    Agog, I am. That is a gorgeous ride.

  • Neradnik

    Amazing attention to detail…
    And then they put the stem faceplate upside down.

    • ABW

      I’m going to believe it was intentional, like wrenches running their King headset cups upside down. Because otherwise…

  • Brett