2016 NAHBS: Map Bicycles Rambonneur

Mitch from Map Biycles in Chico, California has always been one of my favorite builders. The dude just oozes a cool, confidence that always shows in his work. From customer builds to his own, Map never ceases to impress. Even when his bikes have digi camo on them. The Rambonneur has popped up on this site before, but it was nice seeing it in person for the first time…

  • GT

    “I like the cut of its jib.” -Mr. Burns

  • kasual

    This, this is the bike. This is the kind of bike I can’t look at while working at my desk without getting the itch to say ‘fuck it’ and go ride. Love how this is also a bike that’s been ridden and has the patina to go with it. Great shots too.

  • Barrett Hoover

    This is definitely one of my favorites from this year. Old school class meets modern paint and technology.

  • ‘bonneur, indeed.

  • Well, when I finally get around to buying a geared bike. It will be this, or something very much like it.

  • Frank

    Ahh Mitch … this is such an awesome bike!

    Can I please ask a couple questions if you happen upon this this site?

    Is that a rear reflector attached to the fender, or is it a rear light?

    And … how wide is a bottom bracket that can accommodate 48’s with fenders? Does it fit 110 … or do you have to go wider?

    Thanks. Frank

    • Gernot Frank

      I think its just a reflector, and he mounted a SON/Bumm rearlight at the rear plate of the cambium saddle.

      • hashem

        Good eye! I just hope you don’t have any long-ended jacket!

  • I’m not mad at at that at all.

  • Amazing! You left me wanting more photos! Just really well designed bike in my opinion with a cutty edge to it without over doing anything.

  • Meshkat

    Awesome bike. I love the fender fit.

  • ncoffeeneur

    This bike is so beautiful


    What a classy bike, awesome bartape job too!

  • tony365

    I have a couple friends up in Portland that own some of his fine work, There is no detail on his bikes that has not been considered, and treated with respect, ”everything in it’s place and a place for everything” Just amazing! Nice work to all those involved.

  • Stephen Clarke

    What a perfect set up! Anybody know what racks they are?

    • Ben Hoffman

      Mitch Pryor makes his own racks

  • 100% yes.

  • Masterchief

    Why would you not place the rack mounts at a “standard” place like at the hub or at lowrider position? Seems like it limits the future potential of the bike, should you want to change the racks.

  • James C. Cloud

    This is the bicycle I’d like to own when I grow up! LOL!