2016 NAHBS: LOW Mkii Aero Track Bike

What can I possibly say about LOW‘s track bikes that hasn’t already been said? They’re sleek, made in San Francisco race machines with plenty of both street and track experience, a clean profile and killer, almost race car-inspired graphics. Hell, even as I’m typing this, you’ve probably already moved onto the photos!

  • So good!

  • DamagedSurfer

    Can anyone explain why track style bikes have the oversized seattube? I ask out of ignorance, not judgment. Is it purely for aerodynamics?

    • Eric

      aerodynamics and stiffness. track dudes can get real strong.

      • this isn’t really for the track right!?

        • Matt O’Donnell

          Sure it is. What makes you think it isn’t?

          • the GP4000SII tires… if I turn up at my local velodrome with those they laugh at me and send me home

          • probably not the tires for the ‘drome, but would do quite well on the pavement at a track crit.

          • Matt O’Donnell

            Low’s bikes see ton of action at the velodrome, as well as street crits. Thankfully tires are easy to change.

      • DamagedSurfer

        That makes sense. Now that I think about it, the only guy I know who races track has legs like an NFL linebacker.

  • kermitonwheels

    Low was already on my list (if I ever decide to do track) but I’m impressed he is continuing to improve his design and finish.