2016 NAHBS: Calfee Manta Pro Road with Sram Red eTap

Calfee‘s bikes are truthfully, some of the hardest to photograph. It’s like my lights just liquify them and all I get are bright reflections, rendering these beautiful machines useless to post. This year, I tried something new however and the digital renderings of this Manta Pro road bike truly capture this bike’s beauty. Look, Calfee makes damn usable art and these bikes are the most unique creations at NAHBS. They appear to be some ancient beast, laying dormant in chrysalis…

  • Noel Smith

    whats with the sock on the monostay

    • Jason Cruz

      This is a Lizard Skin neoprene sleeve that covers our 12mm suspension unit from debris.

  • Andy Moore

    The frame itself is lovely, too bad they went so off-path with the redundant and fugly branding, esp on that bar tape. Knowing when to say when is the hardest part of the battle, sometimes.

  • Dustin Sharp

    The bike itself would be very interesting to try out. As for the aesthetics, it seems Calfee fell victim to “NAHBS disease.” It’s a documented medical condition where one loses any capacity for subtlety and understatement.

    • btompkins0112

      I was going to comment, but you hit the nail on the head.

    • kasual

      Compared to what you see from some other builders, I don’t think this one is too wild. Mix of bare carbon, black and the red accents isn’t too far removed from what you see on many production bikes. I guess the chain and cassette are a little much, but to each their own. Anyways, point is at trade show populated by craftspeople, there is going to be some showy pieces.

    • Dolan Halbrook

      You should check out the green/carbon 650b Dragonfly Adventure they bought there. A little more toned down: https://www.facebook.com/127955283915144/photos/pcb.1029224253788238/1029218083788855/?type=3&theater

  • PGH_small_adventures

    I get what they were going for. It looks to me like they were making the equivalent to a sport edition. Something with the same look as an import with a ground kit and endorsement decals. Not my thing, but I’m sure there are plenty of roadies that have a pro tour racing kit that would match this perfectly.

  • AdamBike99

    Super unique, and yet so Calfee.
    You prolly won’t see another one outside the coffee shop…
    That cassette is HoT. Anyone have more info on that piece? I want one for my desk!

  • eTap is so good on a custom bike – no shift cable routing!

    • Chris Dolan

      I was thinking that too! Definitely a popular option for NAHBS bikes this year.

  • Christopher Peltzer

    Yo how do I get that cassette?


    Man all these guys that enter the NAHBS know how to install bar tape! digging the cassette too.

  • Adam

    Who makes these Skewers? I want the red anodized cap!

    • kermitonwheels

      Looks like a KCNC.