2016 NAHBS: Argonaut Cycles Road

Argonaut has had so many extensive features on this website, so I’ll spare you the introductions. What I will say though is that shooting a white bike with this setup is a godsend. That and the Argonaut-branded t47 BB standard… I still get goosebumps when I shoot these bikes and with good reason. Wow.

  • Ceol Mor

    Was that you, shooting in the far back corner of the convention center?

    • Yep

      • Ceol Mor

        Well darn. I should have went over and said hi. I appreciate the work you do for all of us cyclists.

  • AdamBike99

    t47 and Enve… So Smart!

  • tony365

    Look Do I see do I see rim brakes? This is f-ing smoking man, Looks like my size too!!!

  • Jäybe Jäybe

    could someone tell me how that tires ride on enve rims???? they look FIRE!

    • Søren Nejmann

      It says pretty clear if you tap the pictures enough times till you get to the close up :-)

      • Jäybe Jäybe

        i know those tires.. was just wondering how those tires rides on the road!

        • AaronBenjamin

          Vittoria Corsas are the best tire I’ve ridden, period. Not exactly an everyday tire though.

    • Marc A. Cooper

      Great. I’m running 25 open Corsas on System 4.5 Rims. smooth, fast, very confidence-inspiring. They do get more flats than say a GP4k, but the ride is worth it. I run mine around 85/95 pounds front and back.

  • cool but what the hell is sticking out of the L crank arm?

    • Chris Gonzo

      That’s likely John’s super secret stealth NAHBS stick.


    Is Argonaut making a custom T47 BB to fit Campy cranks and their proprietary bearing system?? @johnprolly:disqus