Shawn’s Titanium Serotta Concours Cross Bike

Shawn‘s lucky. He got out of the Northeast and landed in Los Angeles just in time to avoid all that pesky snow in NYC. A while back, the shop where he works, King Kog and Golden Saddle Cyclery here in LA worked out a swap of sorts. Shawn would come and work at GSC for a week this winter and later in the summer, one of the GSC employees would go work in Brooklyn at King Kog. Due to current events however, it seems like Shawn got real lucky with the weather and ultimately, the better deal!

While his home city is under snow, he’s been out riding in sunny SoCal on his titanium Serotta Concours ‘cross bike. While it’s a bit dated in terms of braking technology, this one broke plenty of technological advancements in its time. Serotta made lots of titanium bikes over the years and the Concourse was just one of them.

Shawn’s built it up with a mix of Force 10-speed shifters, a soon to the market AARN CX 1x chainring, an inverted King headset and Paul Motolite brakes on a Wound Up fork with some older Zipp 101 wheels and a Thomson cockpit. This bike has just the right amount of beausage and in an age where ‘cross bikes have almost entirely gone to disc brakes, it’s great seeing a timeless frameset like this getting some miles. Especially in the warm and sunny SoCal winter. Enjoy the weather while you can, Shawn!

  • jtbadge

    Oh, that chainring.

  • Rice Rocket

    Sorry if this is somewhat of an ignorant question, but what does an ‘inverted headset’ mean?

    • Thomas Alexander Peralta

      Take a look at the headset; the “Chris King” graphics are upside-down – i.e., inverted. Chris King’s NoThreadSet can be installed upside-down in the frame without affecting the function, so some people do it on purpose just for fun and street cred.

      • Rice Rocket

        Ah okay, makes sense now. Thanks :)

  • Maxime Gouache

    The canti bosses are very very low on the woundup !

    • jtbadge

      Yeah, I wonder if that isn’t helping the V-brakes work correctly with road levers.

      • colavitos_ghost

        Motolites set up with standard road levers feel like TRASHE.

        • Andy Moore

          I love the feel w Ultra 6700, myself. But then again, I’ve been riding cantis set super loose for so long that having fully functional and strong, well modulated brakes is a refreshing novelty.

    • David Spiva

      Yeah, I can’t imagine that doesn’t affect the feel between the front and back brakes. You can see the height difference between where the brake pad holders are clamped on the arms.
      Also, all that shifter cable wrapped up in the back looks like he’s trying to get TV reception.

    • Noel Smith

      Almost wondering if its a 26 inch fork…

  • Love it!

  • kasual

    +1 for looped derailleur cable. Just for those times I end up replacing housing but not the cable (I know, I know…)

  • This is the first time I comment here, but I just want to say that those abstract pictures are amazing. Keep it up, John!

  • First time I comment here, but I just want to say that those abstract pictures are amazing. Keep it up, John!

  • Nicholas Petersen

    This bike is just perfect. Wow.

  • Ryan

    Always refreshing to see painted ti.

  • Josh Siegel

    This bike looks like pure fun. We don’t see too many Serotta gracing the roads around here….

  • Banana Flite on a scratched up Thomson, yes!

  • Jordan Mackinnon

    I always dig the bikes that have obviously been used/thrashed more than the nearly-pristine custom job someone just scored. More bikes like this plz!

  • Bo

    Is that a wound up with a non-carbon steerer? Where can I get me one of those?

  • JimmyMcNulty

    this is one of my fave rides ever posted on radavist. I can attest to how much fun a titanium (ss)CX bike with Paul Motolites can be!