Nike Spends $10 Million on Portland BIKETOWN Bicycle Sharing Program Jan 8, 2016



Nike announced today their new BIKETOWN bike share project for Portland, boasting a $10 million dollar commitment over the next five years for one of America’s most friendly cycling cities. Now, that may seem like a lot of money for a company who no longer makes cycling apparel, but when you look at the bigger picture of Nike’s budget for a year’s worth of marketing, this article proves that $10 mill is just a drop in the hat.

Personally, I’m into this project. The bikes look well designed, Portland’s a great incubator for cycling infrastructure experiments (of which always prove to be well worth the investment) and with Beaverton, Oregon- Nike’s home base, just miles outside the city, it’s a great way for the company to give back to their community. These bikes will get more bodies riding in the great city of Portland and they don’t look like complete turds. Hey, aesthetics do go a long way!

See more at Nike.

  • Brian Richard Walbergh

    Who is going to be the first to bomb one down Fire Lane 3 in Forest Park?

    • Matt

      nike bike tour de forest park rides anyone?

  • Chris Valente

    One dude here raced a local cross race on one of the SF city share bikes. Even rode it down to the race!

  • Clint Culpepper

    Thanks for covering this. I’m stoked!

  • Wow, a shaft driven bike, cool! Are there any other bike shares out there using shaft drive?

  • Mehdi Farsi

    I see sneakerheads stealing these.

  • Ken Neville

    I’ve never seen so much exposed cable housing on a bike-share bike. I already feel the pain of the poor souls that will have to maintain these.

    • Matt

      are you saying fully internal routing is somehow easier to work on?

      • Ken Neville

        Long loops of housing like that will get yanked loose by other bikes in racks. City bike share bikes are built with some pretty common, specific designs to reduce the frequency of maintenance, and the cable runs on those bikes are no more difficult to deal with than the partially-internal runs on this bike.

        In addition to being a snag-magnet, that crazy-ass downward loop leading to the rear hub’s bell-crank is a gunk-catching nightmare: it’s set up just like a p-trap in a sink drain. That long run of exposed housing on the back of the fork is not something usually seen on “robust” share-oriented bikes.

  • reteptterrab

    I’m waiting for the limited edition Nike SB X Poler colaboration to drop