Three Sisters Three Rivers – Gabe Tiller

Three Sisters Three Rivers
Photos and words by Gabe Tiller

This trip has been steeping in Limberlost’s coffer for quite some time. A lot of trips we’ve been and help create like the Oregon Outback were amazingly fun, but lacking the singletrack I crave. Last year’s Pushwacking the Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route re-kindled our interest in one of the first bikepacking adventures I had read accounts of: Scott Morris’s 2010 Oregon Three Rivers route.

Sahalie Falls

While talking to a lot of different riders, locals, and exploring a bunch of dead ends ourselves over the years Jason and I realized the huge offroad potential of linking up both sides of the Cascade Range. And damn, we were on to something. After setting up camp at 6,500′ in the sunset below the Tam Mcarthur Rim on the shores of Little Three Creeks Lake our first night we were wide-eyed with the fantastic terrain and trails covered on day one. Eight days later we were still high-fiving and incredulous—though haggard and smelly—with the amount of quality singletrack we were able to link up over our 325 mile journey.

Finally Jason took a bath! It was a short miles, long hours sort

To compliment this route there are countless spur loops to link in even more mountain biking, making this a perfect route for thru-riding fast or taking a leisurely few weeks to camp, fish, swim, and ride all over Oregon’s best trails and countryside. The Three Sisters Three Rivers route ticks off Oregon’s best: Bend’s expansive trail network, an old pack route into Sisters and the Peterson Ridge Trails; the historic Santiam Wagon Road and legendary Mckenzie River Trail, the quiet destination town of Oakridge, and the IMBA Epic North Umpqua Trail.


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