The Brooks C13 is In Stock Now Dec 3, 2015


The first batch of 259 Brooks C13 carbon fiber saddles have landed in the Brooks web shop. These lightweight (259g) Cambiums feature aluminum rivets in all black and is the first in a series of models to follow from Brooks. Each of the 259 saddles comes in a limited edition packaging and a special ‘First Batch 259’ marking on the underside.

Pick one up in the Brooks web shop today!

  • John Jones
    • Brian Sims

      Damn that Tune saddle is 45 grams!

    • Ken Neville

      Not sure what this proves. I sure don’t want to sit on anything with “needle” in the name! (I think my lightest saddle is a WTB Rocket-V, not *too* far down the charts.)

  • Noel Smith

    Not a fan of the Cambium line but goddamn that carbon layup is hot as shit..

  • mr. apodaca APODACA

    don’t have any carbon saddles in my stall, so what’s with the grip tape on the rails? is this how you keep them from sliding?

    • GioFio

      Keeps the saddle from sliding, as well as provides protection and a bit of structural support for the rails. More grip on the rails=less required force for the clamp.

  • Andy Moore

    I’m not sure if it’s the shape, my sitbone dimensions or my relatively light weight (~150lbs), but I found this to be a saddle I dreaded to ride on – and gave up on after a few weeks. YMMV, obviously.

    Previously there’s been great luck in my stable w Fizik ArioneCX and Kurve Snake models w similar numbers, but I have ended up moving on to a Specialized Romin 143 that just disappears immediately underneath my particular bottom.

    I’d definitely recommend a good test ride before puling the tirgger on this one – or purchase via a retailer with a flexible and robust return policy