I So Want to Ride in Iceland Dec 22, 2015

… Hans Rey and Steve Peat show you why.

  • Fenton Crackshell

    Unwatachble! I couldn’t make it past the 3-minute mark with that music and disjointed editing. What a waste of amazing scenery, footage, and riding talent.

    • I just listen to my own music over these kinds of edits…

  • Whitney Ford-Terry

    So many reasons to ride in Iceland.
    And here is another one: The Library of Water.

    • Whitney Ford-Terry

      …and I need to visit my family.

  • Brian Sims

    John, A photographer like you would love Iceland. Golden hour? Golden half day. We went over the Summer Solstice, no darkness for two weeks. Brilliant country!

  • shankshiv

    More please….