Above Category: Zio Ziegler-Painted BAUM Road Dec 28, 2015



This one’s killing me right now. I love bikes where no matter how much you look at them, something new appears in the finishing every time. Take for instance this Baum, painted by artist Zio Ziegler, recently built by Above Category and featured on their Twelve Days of Breathtaking Builds. There’s a more in-depth feature on the way, but they didn’t hold back with the teaser images on their blog. Head to Above Category to see more!

  • Oliver Daniel Werge

    Wow-factor 10!


    Sweet ride & Nice tape job to boot!

  • super nice! and small bikes just look so bad ass

  • This is porn. I wonder if speedplay pedals were chosen because they look way better on this bike than Shimanos would. But not matter what this is a next level bike and I wish it gets ridden hard. I also wish that someone from Sydney bought it and that I can witness this bike having sex with asphalt.

    • Zio painted it for his girlfriend…so mostly here in California, we’d imagine. Heh.

    • sad rob

      sex with asphalt.