Yo! Jimbos Nov 17, 2015


The thing I love about local bike shops is their reach. Monkey Wrench, Golden Saddle, Angry Catfish, Vecchios and the like all have great branding, which results in people wearing their products. Yo Jimbos in Chicago is doing a pre-order for tees and sweats right now. For something new in your wardrobe, head over to support them!

  • White Mike


    • White Mike

      I mean it ain’t no GOLDEN SADDLE shirt/hoody if you know what I’m saying

      • seriously. the website is abhorrent, and the shirt design is *YAWN*.

        • Matthew Hartman

          You may not gain Fixie Famous Extra Limited Edition Bonus Points from this gear, but sometimes cycling culture is a little more than just a fashion statement. Stop by the shop, meet Marcus and ask him about track racing, his cats and all of the other things you guys have in common.

          • Dan

            Marcus has helped a huge number of people get into cycling in Chicago. It makes me happy to see the shop putting out some merch and building a bit more of a visual identify. Personally, I appreciate that Yojimbo’s isn’t trying to look like Golden Saddle or whatever.

          • wow, that’s great. i have no idea who marcus is, have no connection to chicago, and think this design is shitty. fucking sue me. part of “building a visual identity” is sticking to what you know, and paying someone to bring their artistic eye for design something that will resonate with people who don’t know you, your credo, and fuckall about what you do.

            this design does none of that. what keeps low-level bike shops low-level is batting an inconsiderate eye at composition, and what makes something pleasing to the eye. for every 10 lbs that thinks their budget t-shirts are worth putting online, but really they’re not, there’s 1 who does it right. this ain’t it.

            i wish this shop much success, but their online presence will never be what GSC is, with or without them paying john to post this.

          • White Mike


          • Marcus Moore

            Thanks for the input.
            To be up front- I didn’t pay anyone to post this.
            I put together the shop logo 18 years ago and the intention wasn’t to sell shirts. My focus is on the mechanical side of the business with retail and community engagement. For years people have asked for me to get shop shirts printed and I decided to accommodate.
            If you think I shouldn’t offer these for sale on line, that’s fine.
            If you find yourself in Chicago I hope you consider visiting my shop.

          • Uh dude. No one paid me to post this. Just helping out a staple of the Chicago community and a shop that paved the way for a lot of shops, including GSC.

            What’s with everyone thinking I get paid to post stuff like this? Jesus Christ people, lighten the fuck up. We’re all cyclists. We ride bikes. We’re happy people. Why have a stick up your ass all the time?

          • I’ll admit that I can only assume that you were compensated in some way for posting this, as I can’t see your bank transactions. My logic behind it is derived from the fact that it’s completely different than anything else I’ve ever seen on the site, in aesthetics, and design. It seems uncharacteristic for you, other than being cycling related.

            Again, having never heard of this shop, or the guy who runs it, I had no context to wrap around this. Please forgive me, but I most certainly don’t have a stick up my ass simply because I don’t fully grasp why my eyes were assaulted with this. My sincerest apologies if I’ve offended someone, in some way, but I’m not sorry for thinking that this particular design is a deviation from the normal stream of good shit that is posted.

          • It’s called “diversifying content” – Kyle showed me this and told me about how Yo Jimbos Garage / Marcus helped get him into cycling and inspired GSC and I wanted to share it.

            I only get paid for ads. That’s it. I don’t get paid for posting anything or reviews. Only ads. It keeps it simple and clear.

            My whole thing is I don’t understand why people resort to negativity when all I’ve done here is try to promote a positive outlook on the cycling world.

        • Chase Bauer

          Marcus is a real Chicago legend in the cycling world and his main goals probably don’t include catering to the opinions of Bay Area circle jerking internet dudes.

          • too cool charlie

            i mean how many titanium gravel grinders has marcus even built!?

  • Matt Long

    The post was about branding tho.

  • professorvelo

    Tighten up the name and you have a readymade visual identity system complete with ultra hip Kurasawa/Mifune reference

  • boomforeal

    i’ve heard a lot of reasons to support your lbs, but that’s a first. seems almost contradictory

  • I have and will always love the Yojimbo’s Garage logo. Marcus and Yojimbos paved the way for shops like GSC, etc. I’ll be wearing my t-shirt proudly!