Swift Industries Hinterland Collection Nov 10, 2015


Swift Industries continues to pursue their love of experiencing the outdoors by bicycle with the Hinterland Collection, a collection of in-house made bicycle portage. The centerpiece of the line is the Hinterland Ozette Rando Bag which experienced a big upgrade through utilizing XPac™ textiles in the classic French box-bag design. This material upgrade makes the Ozette Hinterland edition the lightest on the market. Also new to Swift is the Hinterland Jr. Ranger Panniers and a range of shirts and camping accessories.

See the full line below and at Swift Industries.


Jr. Ranger Panniers


Ozette Rando Bag


Hinterland Camp Mug


Hinterland Sweatshirt


Hinterland T-Shirt

  • AdamBike99

    This small company is really moving in the right direction. Great looking and useful products. I wonder how much weight the XPac fabric sheds compared to their original Ozette. I have one, and love everything about it, but could love it even more if it was lighter without giving up any other features (color maybe?)…

    • ap

      yea come on Swift guyz. Can we get some data on the grams for original and x-pac versions ? Inquiring rando-weenies want to know.

  • FF

    all the character they had lost with soul-less black xpac

    i’m happily sporting my terribly heavy waxed canvas ozette in the future as well..

    • They’re still making other materials. Personally, I like the lightweight all black look.

      • FF

        Just checked that the waxed canvas isn’t available any more, only cordura as another option.

        • Weird. Maybe they didn’t receive enough orders to mandate it being an option? Who knows. I usually email companies with inquiries like that.

          • FF

            I think the explanation is simple, I just don’t understand the reason behind it.

          • Evan Baird

            Ruthworks has some pretty sweet waxed bags.

  • Brian Sims

    Is this Swift’s first XPac bag? Wonder if their venture with Rob at Ocean Air on his Docena bag provided the inspiration?

  • rocketman

    …not sure XPac is the right material for a front rando bag IMO. The cordura version is pretty light already. I love my Ozette bag but it’s fairly delicate for rough trail use. It’s great material for panniers and frame bags though And yea… the all black version is just blah for me.