Marc McShane’s Touring Photos are Phenomenal Nov 5, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 4.01.03 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 4.01.40 PM
Photos by Marc McShane

A reader sent this along and I am completely floored about how beautiful this Flickr stream is. If you’ve got the itch to hop on a tour this spring, check out Marc McShane’s photography!

  • Jamie McKeon

    By far my favourite instagram account lately! Phenomenal!

    • What’s his handle?

      • test
        • Oh, I already follow him. Haven’t seen these photos before though.

          • Alex Hillis

            Ha, same. I only knew him by his handle. So glad to see the rest of his photos on flickr though! Damn gorgeous work.

      • You joking!

      • Jamie McKeon

        mate my bad i didn’t see this. glad you’d found it.

  • Lars

    I’ve been following this guy since he left Connecticut, and I’ve been wondering the whole time: Has this all been done with a timer? If so that is next level, composing shots of himself without actually being in the shot when setting it up. Then getting in position at the exact time needed.

  • This horseback photo is the best!

  • recurrecur

    agreed – just amazing photos

  • All of these are amazing

  • hey everyone, thanks for the good words! I’m glad people are enjoying the photos.

    p.s. I’m writing this from my sleeping bag after being caught in a white-out snow storm in rural Idaho.

  • Yes, Marc is an amazing photographer. I had been following his instagram feed for a while before his trip. I think Somafab highlighted a photo of him on a bike trail in Connecticut. He has a great aesthetic sense and a wry sense of humor. I’ve seen just one picture sense he made it to the coast. I hope he is enjoying himself somewhere.