Leave it On the Road’s 2015 Crush the Coast Charity Ride

Leave it On the Road’s 2015 Crush the Coast Charity Ride
Words by Michael Tabtabai

Ride from the heart and anything is possible. In mid October a crew of seven riders departed Portland and headed for San Francisco on a quest to ride bikes, take photos, and raise money to fight cancer. Through the rolling hills of Oregon wine country, down the foggy coast, through the Redwoods and down the golden rollers beyond Mendocino. We were a little nervous about the weather, as this was the time of year where the wind shifts and the rains roll in. But we got lucky – just enough rain and fog to make it interesting and more than enough sun to keep spirits high. To live the life of a cyclist, that is, 100% of your days truly devoted to the sport, the preparation and the recovery, is an awesome thing. And it is even better when you get to help raise over $25k for a great cause – City of Hope. When we arrived in SF three riders continued on to Los Angeles, knocking out nearly 1400 miles in 14 days.

This was the third major Leave It On The Road ride, and we called it #crushthecoast.

Leave it On the Road's 2015 Crush the Coast Charity Ride

For those readers who have followed Leave It On The Road since the beginning, you’ll know that I started this thing because I wanted to do epic rides with purpose. I watched my father fight cancer for ten years, and I started using my bike as a tool to raise funds to support research and awareness. I did a bunch of organized charity rides, and then some friends and I decided we could actually create more memorable rides and divert a greater percentage of funds to organizations if we just started planning and organizing them ourselves. So we did. Fast forward to today and we’ve helped raise nearly $125k for cancer fighting charities. But it isn’t just about me and my story, LIOTR is becoming a platform for any rider who wants to do something athletically exceptional, tell the story well, and do some good in the world. In 2016 we’ll feature new riders, new routes and new causes. Follow along to experience it all, and hey, maybe even do a Leave It On The Road ride yourself someday.

Leave it On the Road's 2015 Crush the Coast Charity Ride

Michael Tabtabai, Patrick Marzullo, Jake Szymanski, Jenn Hannon, Tracy Chandler, Andre Stringer, Randall Fransen

James Kendi, Michael Tabtabai, Andre Stringer, Tracy Chandler, Jake Szymanski

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Get involved at www.leaveitontheroad.com


  • Wow, that fog is really something.

  • Søren Nejmann

    Wow! Really beautiful pictures! and what a trip that must have been. Anybody knows what brand that bike on picture 6 is?

    • leaveitontheroad

      Thanks! It was an amazing adventure. The bike on 6 is a titanium Mosaic from Colorado.

      • Søren Nejmann

        I bet it was! Thank you :-)

    • Yep! Mosaic.

  • Matt Long

    Just wonderful. Chapeau leaveitontheroad

  • These photos are unreal. They make me want to ride, like just now without thinking of the consequences. Day after day after day.

  • I’d ride a lot more road if it always looked like this! So RAD!

  • barry mcwilliams

    So good. And Tracy & Andre are good folk, for sure.

  • Inspiring. I’d love to do an MS ride (several family members)

  • Area45

    I’ve been following along LIOTR for a little while and I’m really stoked to see this story here. What you have done in the past and this one in particular have been a huge inspiration to me. It’s made me rethink what can be done by bike with good intentions and the support of good people. Thanks for sharing this story John.

    • leaveitontheroad

      Thanks for following and for your support, I am stoked that it continues to stoke. 2016 is going to be awesome too!

  • Boaz

    Such great Shots, Cheers Radavist

  • Milochky

    LIOTR does not disappoint and is always very inspirational. beautiful beautiful and beautiful!!!!!!!

  • Colin

    Is this route posted anywhere?

  • Brian Richard Walbergh

    Anytime you can bunny hop a dead animal, you are doing something right.

  • Alex Hillis

    I really need to take a week off and tour the pacific coast. Just too beautiful to appreciate through pictures, even awesome ones like these.

    • Aaron

      Do yourself a favor and take two or three. I did this ride in 10 days last year and I really wish I had stretched it 20 or even 30.

  • Tyler Humphry

    Fantastic pictures. #3 is just awesome. What gear?

  • Ron Algis

    You came through Smith River and Crescent City CA………I’m melting! Next time let’s have a beer at the tavern which used to be the local bank in Smith River (#12). Keep up the good works.

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  • What a stunning set of photographs, chapeau to all involved. Pristine tarmac is probably the most underrated surface in cycling these days!

  • Five Sticker Rides

    I guess their bags are in a van or something. Weak.

    • leaveitontheroad

      To each his own. This event isn’t about carrying your own gear. There are plenty out there that are. We did it on race bikes because we wanted to ride fast and cover a lot of distance. 14 ~100 mile days in a row isn’t exactly weak and riding hard down the coast without the burden of gear is a lot of fun.

      • Five Sticker Rides

        Indeed. It looked great. I did the same route in 2002. What’s next? Ross.

        • leaveitontheroad

          Up next: more events next year supporting new riders supporting new causes. Looking for awesome routes right now!

    • Fenton Crackshell

      If someone is willing to shuttle your gear, it’s way more fun to ride fast and light. The whole vibe of this photo set would change if these guys were trundling along on pack mules and averaging 50 miles per day.

      • Five Sticker Rides

        Correct. The photos are amazing. As always.

  • Peter

    Photo 13 looks just like Australia! All of those Eucalypt trees!!

  • markosajn

    #25 !

  • Dion Goldsworthy

    Love this concept and, of course, the ride is great. I rode fully loaded with two buddies from Vancouver Island to Mexico border back in 1985. This summer did S.F. to Mexico border with my son; we went unloaded, with good friend driving a van. Both ways are great! The photos brought back lots of memories – all my photos from ’85 are on slides!