Jeff Jones and His Bikes Nov 25, 2015

Jeff from Jones Bikes takes us on a few rides, just minutes from their headquarters in Southern Oregon.

  • Vinay Nair

    This guy is inspiring.

  • Fenton Crackshell

    Interesting take on fork design with the titanium trusses. Are his bikes 27.5+ or 29+? Are there no good, stiff aftermarket carbon forks in those sizes?

    • ruKidding?

      Yes… Yes… Yes…

      • Rick

        The bikes shown are 29+, I’ve been running 27.5+ on my diamond frame/unicrown fork with plenty of clearance for 2.8’s. There’s much more to the geometry of these bikes than a stiff fork..

  • professorvelo

    Never been a fan of the swoopy strangeness of these bikes, but it is nice to hear his philosophy and clear thinking regarding the purpose and function of a bike… plus, you know, he shreds which makes any kind of kookiness okay.