Yanco and Tracko Ramblin’ Roll Pre-Order Oct 15, 2015


Now’s your chance to pre-order one of those super rare Ramblin Rolls from Yanco and Tracko. The pre-order is open until the slots fill up, with a turnaround of 6-8 weeks. Head over to the Tracko webshop to place an order.

  • What is the purpose of a pre-order if it sells out?! I’m only grumpy because these are the greatest invention of all time and I still don’t have one….

  • Alan

    Is it sold out already?

    • Kyle Kelley

      You want one? Tell me a color and give me an email.

      • Chester

        If you’re feeling nice, I would like one too, please. I just have to figure out how to send you my email.

        • Kyle Kelley

          You email?

          • Chester

            Yeah, I sent it via your contact form on TrackosaurusRex but here it is again: [email protected]. I would like a black one, please and thank you. You rule the earth.

          • Chester

            You really opened a can of worms by honoring these straggler requests. ; )

            I’m sorry that I’m part of the problem.

          • Kyle Kelley

            It’s ok.

      • Alan
      • cainnon

        If it’s not to late duck camo [email protected]

  • Hunter King

    Pretty please and thank you kindly. Camo. [email protected]

  • Kristofer Koishigawa

    If there’s still room for more requests, I would like an olive green one. My email’s [email protected].

  • Dominik

    Is there still a chance to pre-order one? Damn you time shift!!!

    • Dominik

      Woohoo, got one!

  • Harry

    I was lucky enough to cop an orange one. I’m as happy as some kind of really happy thing!

  • Michael Porter

    If you are still taking requests could I get a camo one? [email protected]

  • Ack, I missed this again!! Any chance a black one could be added to the list? [email protected]

  • Kyle Kelley

    From this moment on I will not be sending out anymore emails and there will be no more added to the pre-order.