The 2015 Bike and Beer Festival: Norther Cycles Randonneur

I’m here in Portland, Oregon attending the Bike and Beer festival at HopWorks Urban Brewery. While I’ll be documenting many of the frames, I’ll also be capturing the general vibes. For now, let’s just check out some bikes!

The new shop on the block at the Bike and Beer Festival were Norther Cycles, a shop in Portland that is making in-house frames from road to randonneur. With competitive pricing, classic aesthetics and the option to build out the frame from their in-house parts and accessories, Norther Cycles is your new one-stop shop for randonneuring in the Rose City.

Since everyone’s a fan of raw bikes with silver components, I couldn’t help myself from geeking out over this beauty. With 10-speed Dura Ace, TA, Gran Bois, Mafac, Berthoud and Nitto, this bike would easily cause any serious or enthusiastic randonneur rider to salivate. Just don’t drip too much on that frame… don’t want it to rust!

If you’re in Portland, swing by and see the guys at Norther Cycles. Next time I’m in town, I’ll be doing exactly that! Or if you’d like to know more about pricing, head to their pricing list.

  • Low trail and skinny tubes. Less emphasis on touring as there are few eyelets for panniers. Also frame is not as tall as those from Boulder, Rene Herse and pelican. Rim brakes and not dics as elephant. NIce option.

  • Mike Spadafora

    How does it ride? If it is a ripper than I am interested. Fun is the most important factor in determining how good a bike is

  • tony365

    shellac + cotton tape = old school awesome, O yeah that bike is pretty amazing too! really wanting a rando bike, maybe Santa will be good to me this year! cheers, great pics as always

  • Cool bike! That’s a nice bend on the fork.

  • Brett Cronje

    Classic styling – great job.

  • barry mcwilliams

    Love that detail you started off with. Great shot.

  • Beautiful. I love it! I wonder why they chose to go with vintage? TA cranks, but a modern TA ring set? You can get vintage/NOS TA cyclotouriste ringsets on eBay any day of the week. Long live the 50.4!

    • Geordie

      It has modern 10 speed gears, the chainrings need to be compatable

  • AdamBike99

    That’s the best fender-line I’ve seen in a long time… Cool machine.

  • Eddie Barksdale

    Dura-Ace rear derailleur with an Acera arm and pulleys?

    • Tim Guarente

      Looks like that, but no. Shimano made the 7700 series DA rear derailleur like that to keep the cage length short for snappy shifting, while keeping capacity high for wider range setups (They were thinking triples).

  • Julius

    What a wonderful bike. So many details to admire. The headset looks interesting, too. What about the “Argentina” engraving?