Retrotec Disc All Road

Grinduro was a weekend-long event, filled with music, food, booze and a killer ride (or race, depending on how you party) but one of my favorite features was the expo, which featured a series of California-based frame builders, all designing what would be the ultimate “Grinduro bike.”

The first one to be featured here on this site is a unique Retrotec “all-road” which was built using signature Inglis details like a double, curved top tube, a seat tube cluster gusset, a hotrod-inspired paint job and extra sexy thru-axle dropouts.

It’s easy to swoon over a bike with such curves, but once you look at the build kit, the practicality really shines through. By using SRAM’s massive 10-42 cluster cassette and the CX-1 long cage rear derailleur, this bike can tackle anything, including China Grade’s intimidating average grade.

For the client, a Whisky thru-axle fork and wheels topped off the build… Which he then took right off the display shelf and rode the next day. If only I had gotten a post-race portrait.

  • Jake Riehle

    Rad, what size Chainring is on this and what did you put on your Firefly John? I had to abandon the Genevelle drivetrain and go with Force 1 on the Stinner and I am slapping a 40t up front with the 10-42 in back on it.

    • I’m not sure what size is on this bike. I went with a 40t on my Firefly and had no issues going up the super steep stuff, even with a big, heavy camera in my bag.

      • Jake Riehle

        Perfect, thanks for the input! My usual neighborhood MTB ride is up Chandler Fire road in the Verdugos, so I’m excited to try the new bike on that. Gearing will obviously be different than the MTB’s Rohloff, but the new bike will be a hell of a lot lighter.

      • u a beast, tho. think of the wimps.

        • Then I’d go 38t if you feel like you really need it. 38t front x 42t rear would be sick.

  • Noel Smith

    Is that a new derailleur hanger standard or a Retrotec one-off?

  • D0rk

    Love it. The bosses on the underside of the top tube(s), for a bottle cage, support for the center section of a frame bag or something else?

  • Ryan

    Love it, just paint the fork.

    • kasual


  • Eric Richter

    Nice rig @CurtisInglis !

  • Albert

    Rack mounts on the inside of the seat stays! So clean.

  • Mikkel Snedig Jensen

    It’s up in all it’s dirty glory here: