Matt’s 44 Bikes Commuter

This was an interesting experience. It wasn’t part of the festival and it didn’t look like anything special at first. Matt’s commuter has the #4 serial from Kris at 44 Bikes. It’s a singlespeed made for zipping around town with three unique details: a Mike Flanigan fork with a custom 44 Bikes rack and a special cable hanger Kris machined and mounted to the Thomson stem.

My favorite thing about bikes like this is the amount of use it has seen…

  • jdt267

    Is that a repurposed V-brake noodle?

    • So the noodle is a V-Brake noodle correct. I wanted a clean way to route the cable and NOT drill a hole all the way through the stem. So I designed and machined the small 6061 aluminum mount as a solution. A small 3mm tapped hole is all you need for this small machined part. Matt is officially “testing” the concept. So far so good and there is no flex while providing a clean and slide route for the cable. If there is enough of a demand for the solution, I’ll have a small run of them made.

  • Oh man! Kris’ writing about his process is hands-down some of my favourite stuff to read online.

  • jason hamlin

    I’m working on a “utility bike” also. This one is amazing. Who did the porteur rack?
    I love this website

    • Thank you – the rack was designed and built in house at 44HQ.

      • DominicBruysPorter

        I just noticed the dropouts look a little shorter than the Surlys usually do. Is it a Paragon part? It looks like their Ti track end.

        • They are Paragon Machine Works Steel Rear Flanged Horizontal Dropout (Part No. DR2020). They are simple and that matched up with the overall design considerations of this build.

    • Kris from 44 made the rack.

  • caliente

    Thank you for photographing commuter bikes. SO much more interesting (to me at least) than race bikes. Race bikes have their place, but commuters and winter bikes are so much more personalized. They really are tools for their owners, and are built to last.
    Keep it up!

  • Thanks for taking the time to shoot and post up this bike, John. Very much appreciated. For the record: The number on the frame is technically his lucky number (4) and not actually the serial number. 44 is my lucky number, so I allow each client to have their lucky number stamped on the seat tube badge up to any 4 digits (letters or number combination). I have not seen the bike since it left the shop, so it’s nice to see just how much use she’s gotten since leaving “home”. Matt was great to work with and this bike had a lot of nice little touches and challenges that needed smart solutions. I’m quite pleased how the cable hanger works and it was one of those moments you realize how to solve something late at night. If there is enough demand for the small part, I’ll consider having a batch made. I have a name picked out too just in case…

    • Jay Bird

      Get that batch going, I’d buy one!

      • tony365

        +2 id buy 2 of those, great idea and ill take one of those Racks as well, perfect size.

      • Forrest Cobb

        +1 Me too!

      • Charles Ho

        I’d want one too!

  • noob_sauce

    Wonder what tires are those? Gotta have a lot of faith in your tires when you mix fenders and track ends.

    • mattprovidence

      The tires are 32c Vittoria Hyper Randonneurs. I think they call them Hyper Voyagers now? I’ve had good luck with them, though a little slippery in the rain. Agreed on the fender/tire mix–Kris built the rear end around the combo and it works beautifully. No spacers at all for the fender mounts–makes removal/mounting a breeze. During the drier months, i pull the fenders and run 35-38s for trail riding.

  • Great looking commuter! What’s the toe strap on the rack used for?

    • mattprovidence

      Insurance. You never know when a toe strap will come in handy…

  • Joshua Goran

    which bars are those? nice curve!

    • mattprovidence

      On-One Mary Bars that Kris had painted along with the frame. They are pretty comfortable and look the part!

  • That rack and fork are awesome!

    • Thank you (as per the rack) – every so often a client requests a rack so each one is custom heeding what the client wants in the rack so I can build them what they need. Mike Flanigan was easy to work with on the fork too as I needed collaborate mounts for the rack. As an aside: Not sure if you can see, but the rack and frame are powdered in a flat black while the fenders are gloss to hook up with the gloss/tonal decals to bolster the understated but tonal effects. Really subtle detail.