Evian Nice Oct 20, 2015

Woah! This is awesome. Last June, Thierry Saint-Léger, 57 years old, completed the first non stop crossing of the French Alpes on a fixed gear. See more at Mavic.

  • Simon Kirscher

    Hi ! If you want to know more about this, you should actually check Chilkoot, who put the adventure together. Link : http://chilkoot-cdp.com/project/alpes-2015/
    Also check on chilkoot’s FB, last sunday we did a one day trip from Italy to Monaco through the Col the Tende, a 1879m gravel pass :)

  • Chilkoot-CDP.com

    Simon is right, If you want to see more check Chilkoot Website : http://chilkoot-cdp.com