Adam’s Sklar Singlespeed Disc Cross

I hope you’re ready for a complete overload of awesome rides from this past weekend’s Grinduro event in Quincy, California. We’ll start this avalanche of unique bikes with Adam from Sklar Bikes‘ own singlespeed disc ‘cross. But before we dive in, let me put this out there: this was Adam’s first tig-welded bike and there’s a reason it’s his personal rig. The welds on anyone’s first tig bike ain’t gonna be pretty.

While the welds might not be delicately overlapped beads of perfection, I can’t get over how clean and elegant this frame is. Even with what Adam refers to as a “parts bin build” with mis-matched rotors, this singlespeed has so much character and yeah, he completed Grinduro on it.

Run what you brung…

  • Ryan

    Rigid SS for the win. I’d love to take that for spin, like the whole Grinduro. That front tire clearance!

    • Nic

      You mean you’d love to take it for a walk?

  • Curvy AND beefy AND classy. Everything I want in a SS!

  • Jay Bird

    i wonder what gear combo he’s running?

    • Ideal Bike

      I found a post about the bike on Adam’s blog:

    • 42×15 as pictured. A little stiff for the Grinduro, but it worked out well!

      • Josh Siegel

        Did you have to walk up China Grade? That must have been some work….

        • Not going to claim I rode it all. I didn’t believe the guy who told me I was at the top!

      • Billy Arlew

        Beast mode!

  • bigshape

    need a single speed disk bike in my stable.

  • I really like stems like that. Removable faceplate stems are convenient, I guess, but I would gladly give that up for a clean look on my road bike.

  • Andy Moore

    Sick #headbadge, hot bike!

  • Jordan Mackinnon

    Jeez, that’s a “parts bin build?” Tough life.

    • PwetStar

      I’m sure builders’ parts bins are more diverse than the average Joe’s.

  • Chris Gonzo

    That rear dropout bottle opener! Adam knows what’s up.

    • Jay Bird

      Woah, so that’s what that is! Gotta get me one of those…

      • I can help…

        • Jay Bird

          Definitely a tempting christmas present!

    • Nice meeting you out there dude!

  • Scott Felter


  • Dillan Forsey

    Ran into Adam by chance this summer while passing through Montana. Super rad dude! Thanks for sharing his work.