Raleigh Has Two New Bikes for Your ‘Cross Season Sep 8, 2015


With ‘cross season almost underway here in the US, I continuiously receive emails from people looking for lightweight, solid bikes to race on. Raleigh has two new models this season which fit that bill. The first being a race-pedigree SSCX frame, the RXS. Built from 6061 Aluminum, a Gates carbon belt drive, with thru-axles, hydro disc brakes and with a solid price of $1,549, the RXS is a fierce competitor for your local races, or just a good time trail jammer.


Raleigh’s other new bike is not technically a cross bike, but a carbon “all-road” with clearances for a 40mm tire. The Roker Comp is ideal for those of you who might race a few times this season, but prefer to use your ‘cross bike as a vehicle to explore backroads, fireroads and all-roads. This beaut is built with Shimano 105 Mechanical Shifters and hydro discs for $3,299.

Head to your local Raleigh dealer to see these beauts in person.

  • Awesome, the Willard 2 is probably the favorite bike in my stable right now, I’d love to have a carbon/thru-axle version of it. That RXS looks like a great fun-bike too with riser bars and 40c tires.

  • So why do manufacturers like to launch cross bikes after the season has started.
    Surely anyone who wants a new bike to compete on will want to get it, BEFORE they start racing?

    • Sally

      I can’t speak for everyone else…but Raleigh launches theirs at Sea Otter. (I speak from inside the walls of Raleigh HQ)

      • Glad to hear someone does. That sounds like the sensible time to do it.
        I’ve been waiting all year to get a cross bike hoping the newer models had better specs like thru axles and full hydraulic disc brakes and about the first new ones I saw were the Specialised ones that trickled out at start of August. Often CXs have arrived in Sept/Oct.

        I have to say Raleigh Bikes seems to have completely dropped off the radar around these parts, ironic as I live only an about an hour from Nottingham. Can’t recall the last time I saw a high end Raleigh or one featured in a magazine and I had no idea they even did decent CX bikes.

  • STW

    Ah yes, my affordable $3,299 bicycle has finally arrived. I can put it right next to my “budget-conscious” $5,200 Crux Pro: http://velonews.competitor.com/2015/09/bikes-and-tech/reviews/reviewed-specialized-crux-pro-race_383668.

    I can’t believe we have so many cheap bikes to choose from!

    • Cheap and affordable are two different things, IMO. What is a good price for a hydro disc bike? (i’m being sincere here) Once you get into the hydro market, bikes are going to be a bit pricey. FWIW, the Macho King can be found for around $2,700 online. Versus the Macho Man is $1,499. The Roker Comp is close to spec as the Macho King but is carbon…

      I talk a lot about All-City here on the site already, so I’m just sharing other options.

      • Ross Weller

        Jamis just released a hydraulic Rival 1 cx bike for $2k. I’m hoping the $1500-$2500 range will start to populate with hydraulic cx options. That much money will get a decent cross country hardtail- why would a cx bike cost more?

        • carbon

          • Ross Weller

            You’d asked (sincerely) what was a good price for a hydro disc bike. I say $1500-2500

          • Sally

            They’re coming. The Road/CX market has undergone massive changes in the last couple years. Shoot…2 years ago people were still asking why put Disc Brakes on them at all. The technology is trickling down quickly…and it will get there, once the parts makers get ’em there.

      • Brian Mark

        Article didn’t mention that the Roker Comp is crabon. That makes it competitive as heck, value-wise.

      • Ultra_Orange

        Macho King and you get the Steel! But if you want to compete you’ll need to shave some weight. Still tyrant to figure out my gravel/winter bike. But I keep coming back to the Macho King.

  • I have last year’s version of the RXS, onto which I’ve cobbled a 1×11 drivetrain. I love it.

  • Lars

    I have a 2013 Raleigh RX2.0 and I love the damn thing. I had a pretty negative view of the Raleigh brand prior to acquiring the bike, but that has changed completely. I only knew of the low end and children’s bikes made by Raleigh. I had no idea they made capable race machines at a reasonable price. Two years ago I never would have admitted to owning a Raleigh, now I actively encourage others to give their cross machines a shot. If anyone is skeptical of these bikes go throw a leg over one before writing it off.

    • Dobry

      I’ve got a 2007 RX1.0 and I was in the same boat before I got it. Even though mine is a far cry from the fancier bikes here, I enjoy it immensely and it always does what I want it to do and does it well. Would never have thought about Raleigh, but now I always look at what they’re doing first when I’m considering a new bike.