FYXO Documents the Speedvagen Fit Tour Melbourne Sep 8, 2015





Photos by Andy White

Melbourne is a special place for me, with its unique riding and exceptional local cyclists. Recently, the Vanilla Workshop and Speedvagen took to the road, er air, to hop Down Under for an Australian Fit Tour in Sydney and Melbourne. Behind the lens in the latter was Andy White from FYXO who captured some great moments from Sacha and company’s time at Shifter Bikes and on the streets.

See more at FYXO!

  • leeon

    ha! i just got fitted properly last night for the first time ever, sweet coincidence

  • Hey John…thanks for the SV Fit Tour shout out…yep, FYXO killed it as usual with the good times hosting and photos…I tell you it’s hard to not have a good time in Melbourne! I was along producing both weeks (Sydney and Melb) and of course didn’t have the camera too far away, so I snapped a few shots as well…here:


    Europe, Singapore, Scandinavia, East Coast USA? Where should we go next?