An Ode to the Cyclists of Austin

From 2010 ’til now, Austin has been the homebase for the Radavist. In that time a lot has changed both on this website and in the city itself. Austin has grown. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s outgrown itself however, it’s just opened up, unveiling new layers of idiosyncrasies. Like a flower in perpetual bloom, the cyclists in this city continue to reveal new and interesting perspectives on the one thing that unifies us all: the bicycle.

As with all good-byes, its tough to embrace the nostalgia yet that’s one thing I’ve struggled with greatly over these past few weeks. How can I leave a city behind that essentially made me and thus, this website what it is today? Why would I want to leave and at what sacrifice?

Truth told, I’m unsure of the answer to many of the questions that plagued my brain on my initial drive out to Los Angeles and as I’m sitting in my office, with boxes packed up all around me, I’m still uncertain. What I do know is that throughout my adulthood, I’ve made a series of bold, scary moves. All of which resulted in new chapters in my life.

Los Angeles offers a new start, even though it’s far from a foreign land to me. Scrolling backwards through what is essentially digital junkspace, or a catalog of photo galleries and products, you’ll see LA all over the Radavist.

Yet, I always called the city of Austin, its people, its roads and trails, my home. There’s no real way to paraphrase this move, or to hit absolutely everything with finite detail, so I’ve pulled together some favorite moments over the past few years to share with you.

To say I’m not afraid of this move or what it’ll inevitably cost me, both physically and mentally would be a lie but fear… Fear is the mind killer.

This gallery represents some of my fondest memories of life in Austin.

Till next time, Texas. I’ll miss ya!

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    Best of luck in your new chapter, mate. I’m eager to monitor the evolution of the site from the new perspective.

  • mywynne

    West Coast = Best Coast. Ride on.

    • mywynne

      Also, stoked to see whatever your new HQ setup turns into!

  • Mike Kimbro

    Good luck, John! Glad I got to meet you and bummed I never took you up on that offer to drag me up Terrace Mountain. Guess I’ll just have to drag myself up there. :D

  • Eddie Jacobson

    Hey thanks for taking cool pics of my bikes sometimes. Good luck in your future home. Look forward to more rad reportage from LA! Cheers.

  • Caleb Parrish

    Where in LA are you setting up? I moved down to Santa Clarita in January after 15 years of riding in Seattle and have found it strangely bike friendly here.

  • BuffyZA

    What a rad photo set, good luck in your new home and many great successes to come!

  • dagbert

    Nostalgia overload. Still, some bangers in here – best of luck on your next journey!

    • Jay Bird

      Definitely agree but that bit of sentimentalism makes them that much better!

  • barry mcwilliams

    High-fives for the Dune quote!

    Stoked to have you in town.

  • Chris Valente

    If you ain’t skeered it ain’t worth it. Good luck on new chapters dude.

  • Salim Riley

    Some real cool shots in der…

  • radical photos

  • leeon

    legendary set

  • Harry

    So good.

  • Russell T. Pickavance

    Leaving but never gone.

  • see you in LA

  • Kyle Kelley

    I look forward to our winter pilgrimage to West Texas and Austin, I haven’t told you about this yet but you’ll go. We’ll listen to a Peter Koch audio book on Big Bend and ZZ Top!

  • Brett O. Walker

    Doc looks like the best dog ever!