The Lowdown at LOW Bicycles

While LOW Bicycles might be known best for their made in San Francisco track bikes, for the past year or so, they’ve begun to develop road and ‘cross frames. Debuted at NAHBS, the MKI road is Low’s first geared bike offering, selling in small production runs and starting as a collaboration with Cadence, a longtime supporter of the brand.

Michael and the MKI Road

A lot has changed at LOW since my last visit. Andrew hired Michael full-time, who aids in everything from prep to production and finishing. This enables Andrew to focus on welding and keeping up with the ever-increasing demand for frames.


When I was at the shop, Michael was working on one of the LOW MKI ‘cross frames in their new color: safety orange. These frames are being raced by TCB Courier and should be available soon for purchase.


When visiting a longtime friend like Andrew, more time is spend chatting and catching up, but I did get a few photos of the shop, the new frames and his dog, Manny. Enjoy!

If you’d like to pick up a LOW, head to their web shop or email Andrew for availability of their new MKI road and MKI cross frames.

  • mywynne

    Super into those MKI roads! Very nice work.

  • Tyler Shannon

    This second version is a lot better, in my opinion. The first one was beautiful, but the semi-excessive logo placement kinda brought down the overall bike. this version, with the logo limited to the downtube is a lot less distracting. and, obnoxious colors are way more fun

    • andrew low

      Thanks Tyler! We’re always trying to improve things.

  • Joseph Sibilia-Young

    This is such an evolution from the prototype! Wish I were in the market for a cross frame, the orange cantilever version is dreamy. Thank you for building aluminum bikes in the USA, and for keeping a cantilever cross frame in the lineup!