SILCA HX-One Home and Travel Hex Kit Aug 11, 2015



Having essential tools you need in one easy to access and transport location is a must. Silca takes their precision line to another level with these German and Swiss precision hex heads, with a twist. Along with the standard hex wrenches, is the proprietary made in the USA SILCA 17-4 Stainless Magnetic Adapter. The Adapter with a pleasant magnetic click turns the 6mm Hex Key into a ¼” socket drive which can fit any common ¼” driver Bit. Also in the HX-One Kit are are the 6 most common Torx sizes, 2 Phillips Head and 2 Flat head Drivers.

All tools fit in a laser-etched Beech wood case. In stock from Silca for $125 on September 1st. Head over for more information.

  • Tony Clifton

    I never cease to be amazed by the reborn Silca’s ability to find new ways to get people to spend all the money. The New Gilded Age never had it so good…

  • Ultra_Orange

    Hmm, finally park tools are/seem affordable!

  • This is nice!

  • awesometown

    Get outta here with this mess.

  • Tommy Ferengi


  • Daniel da Silva

    Its like Apple for bikes.

    • awesometown

      No, that would imply some sort of increase in quality over the competitors….

  • mrbiggs

    Artisanal bike tools.