My Independent Fabrication Deluxe Redux 29’r Loves California Sunsets

With all the Fat Chance love and rigid MTB shenanigans as of late, I thought it’d be a good time to share the current status of this bike, which has seen its share of changes since I acquired it in 2013.

For those who haven’t seen it before, the story is simple. Indy Fab wanted to build a modern Yo Eddy! with 29″ wheels, disc brakes and an original Chris Igleheart fork (who worked at Fat City Cycles back in the 80’s). The bike was part of a small run and named the Deluxe Redux. I picked mine up at NAHBS in a firesale and it’s one of those bikes that I’ll forget about for a bit, then start riding it and remember how much I love it.

My Independent Fabrication Deluxe Redux 29'r Loves California

This latest rendition came after I sent back the Black Cat Thunder Monkey, leaving me with an 1×11 XX1 group and its super wide gear range. Shortly afterwards I picked up a pair of the Industry Nine Velocity Blunt SS wheels and decided they’d be perfect for the Deluxe Redux. Then, I got the bright idea to put Blue Lug’s Nitto Bullmoose bars on it with a new Paul seatpost and a Brooks C15.

My Independent Fabrication Deluxe Redux 29'r Loves California

The thing about rigids, and hardtails in general is you want a nice, fat tire you can ride at lower pressures to ease some of the rough and rugged terrain you’ll find yourself hammering down. The Maxxis Ikon 2.35″ tires balloon out to a nice 2.5″ on the Blunt SS rims. Perfect for NorCal’s sandy singletrack. I have been very impressed with this tire choice. They’re great if you find yourself riding through a city en route to the trails…

My Rigid Indy Fab with a few modifications and Porcelain Rocket bags

For the past week, I’ve taken it camping and have been steadily shredding it in the Headlands, Sutro, Golden Gate Park and parts of Mt. Tam. With the rocky conditions of Austin, I always forget how much fun fast and flowy trails are. Granted, there are still a few moments where I feel like a 27.2 dropper post would come in handy, but I’m also comfortable dropping way behind the saddle to make room.

My Independent Fabrication Deluxe Redux 29'r Loves California

I’m not sure what it is about the bike, but since it weighs in at 23.5 lbs on the dot, I don’t have a problem keepin up with dudes on cyclocross bikes and with the bigger tires, I can blast the descents just fine. It’s snappy and with the saddle to bar drop, I don’t feel like I’m always riding upright like I do on my hardtail or full sus.

My Independent Fabrication Deluxe Redux 29'r Loves California

After last night’s talk with Chris Chance at Mission Workshop and hearing his comment about him being the grand dad of the segmented fork, I can really appreciate the ride quality this homage bike has delivered for the past few years. There are a few products on it that’ll get a review eventually, but if you have any questions, drop them in the comments.

  • Jake Riehle

    I love the ikons I just put on my rigid El Mariachi, how low do you run yours John?

    • Depends on terrain. 20 / 25 works but if it’s gonna be super rocky I’ll put a bit more in there. I’ve ridden them 15 / 20 before but I’m worried about denting rims.

      • Jake Riehle

        Sweet! I will let some air out on my next Mt. Tam loop this weekend. Have fun in LA.

      • noob_sauce


  • geoff.tewierik

    So you managed to get hold of a Brooks C13. Were you one of the 100 chosen to test ride it via #backontherivet? Or did you get one some other way?

    • Typo it’s a C15…

      • geoff.tewierik

        Typos aren’t as exciting as the real thing…

  • mywynne

    Ah, wish I could try out one of those C13s! I gave a C17 a shot but it’s just too bulky, can’t get quite comfortable. Need to unload it and replace…

    • sorry! Slipped. C15!

      • mywynne

        Hah, my comment still stands! Wish I could swap out and try a C15 even. I want to love the Cambiums, holding out hope still…

  • Albert

    Saw this, just bought those bars … thanks!

  • charlesojones

    How did the 1X do with the load?

  • Luke Doney

    Love this one! Bring that thing to Bend! Perfect high desert singletrack slayer!

  • Noel Smith

    Blimey.. the level your bikes are on is really something. full rigid for life!

    • I don’t know about “for life” because full sus and hardtails are fun too. They’re just different.

  • quinn kirkpatrick

    I keep on seeing your small seat bag and am wondering the brand?

    • Alec McLaughlin

      It’s a Yanco and tracks ramblin roll. They get brought up on this site a lot should be easy finding more info -cheers

    • Tim Guarente

      And do you have several, or just switch one between your bikes?

  • D0rk

    I run the Ikons on my El Mariachi hardtail, love em! Coming from an FS bike they’ve been great to ease me back into riding hardtails. So much damn volume and comfort, even on narrower Stans Arch rims. There will always be a special corner of my heart set aside for rigid steel bikes with huge tires.

  • AllenJarvis

    I love this bike! I’m thinking about having something similar built, but I’m wondering if you’d go with standard dropouts again or opt for thru-axles? Do the standard dropouts provide a little compliance that makes a rigid bike better or more comfortable?

    • The only thing I notice is the front disc rubbing when I corner. The “springy” feeling on the rear could be the 3/4″ stays or the QR. I’m not sure I can say it’s due to the QR or lack of a TA. I would, however want a TA bike if I made this again.

      • mp

        It’s hard to isolate the feel to the stays or qr. Big factors to consider are also the tire pressure (20/25psi) and the 27.2 seatpost with a fair bit of extension. fwiw.

  • stimo

    Lovin the filth patina!

  • Agleck7

    What stem length/bar width does the bullmoose equate to?

    • Óðinn

      Width: 710mm
      Extension: 90mm
      Back sweep: 15°

  • Tyler Morin

    The blue color on this bike i absolutely one of my favorites!

  • Óðinn

    Your IF seems like such a fun bike to ride. Thanks for sharing John.

  • ForrestCambron

    I keep coming back to this bike. So awesome. Must have a build like this.

  • Brian Cottrell-Thompson

    My only mountain bike is a scott scale (aluminum) with a niner fork. I love the way it feels and handles but thinking about how that high end steel, custom frame and fork must feel gives me major bike boner.

    Question: A lot of trails here in South Jersey are ripe with roots and patches of soft sand. Would a Maxxis Ardent be a good choice? I was actually surprised not to see those tires on this. I’ve seen them on a few builds on here. They seem to be a good all-around tire.

    • Jacob Samborski

      You’ll notice the rolling resistance on the Ardents for sure, but they are great when the trail is a little greasy. Just swapped out a pair of Ikons for the Ardents. Best thing for a rigid MTB is high volume/low pressure.

  • Awesome build, definitely gnar in a jar kinda bike.