Marc’s LOW Track Crit Bike

In the world of track crits, like Red Hook Crit and this weekend’s Wolf Pack Hustle’s Civic Center Crit, racers quickly realize that a standard track bike might have its limitations.

Let’s look at what a track bike is designed for: all left turns on a banked velodrome, with walls around 45º steep for a 250m track.

These crits however are completely different. For starters, the amount of people racing is almost three times what a miss-n-out or win-in-out would have competing. There are both right and left turns, yet no banked walls. In road criterium racing, you can coast through the corners and rail all the turns. With a track bike you need to pedal all the time.

Marc's LOW Track Crit Bike

That’s where Marc’s one-off comes into play. He and Andrew from Low Bicycles discussed options for a bike that was bred from the conditions of track crits. How is it different? Well, in all things related to bike design, a few millimeters here or there can make a huge difference. The bottom bracket is higher, to make for more crank clearance in the turns and the wheelbase is a bit longer to make it easier to hit those turns at speed.

So far Marc has raced three or four crits on it, as well as taking it to Hellyer, the local track to race.

Me, I just think it’s a beautiful fucking machine. Made in San Francisco by Andrew Low, fitted with Ritchey parts and with PAUL wheels made by Fresh Air Bicycles.

  • Tyler Shannon

    PAUL hubs to H+Son rims is a dream set up for sure.

    • Jake Caouette

      Fancy seeing you here, Tyler. We need to start some business venture to collect enough skrillz to be able to afford setups like this.

    • isaac villalobos

      Have some Pauls laced to archetypes, there so stout.. I love them. I love Paul too chill company.

  • “I just think it’s a beautiful fucking machine” took the words right out of my mouth.

  • Trev

    Track bikes are not dead. They just made a right turn

  • geoff.tewierik

    Nice looking bike, does Marc prefer having his handlebars not centred in the stem?

    • Richard Olive

      Good spot Geoff Tewierik. I expect Marc’s left bicep is bigger and therefore heavier than his right and the handlebars are set up like that to balance the bike. Small details like this my friend, win races!

      • geoff.tewierik

        Nice theory Richard Olive, I like it.

    • peanut

      Hey dingle berry, my stem hasn’t been on exactly straight for over year, still shreds

  • Eric Hancock

    Are those cranks an older 75 model? They look cool.

  • schue113

    What length cranks? Just curious regarding what people are running for cornering purposes on street courses.

  • Rex Lombardi

    SKRK ;)