Chas’ Team TCB LOW ‘Cross Bike

For SF’s TCB Courier, the busy summer months aren’t easy with all their deliveries yet the hustle and bustle of a day to day life of a bike messenger aids itself well for staying in shape. Especially come ‘cross season. This year, the team will be racing on the new LOW ‘cross frames. These frames are decorated with blue and orange paint, with each bottom bracket stamped with the racer’s name.

Made in house by Andrew, painted in San Francisco and designed from months upon months of PR&D from the guys on TCB, these bikes have been a project in the making for over a year. Personally, I love seeing two local companies working together like this. While it may seem like an easy move, both parties have worked their asses off to get to this point.

Real recognize real… Be on the look out for these bikes at the Bay Area ‘cross races this season. Oh and Chas, they left of the “H” in your last name!

If you’re a local, roll through City + County Bicycle Co tomorrow to check these out in person.

  • andrew low

    this is my first view of the complete bike! Looks great! Thanks John!

    • Agi

      What tube set is this? please some info?

      • andrew low

        7005 aluminum. Custom spec, made special for us

  • mywynne

    Damn that looks awesome!

  • leeon

    wonder why it says ” Chas ‘Cristiansen’ “

    • Because his last name is CHristiansen. They left out the “H”…. haha

      • andrew low

        I misspelled his name twice. at that point I just gave up on myself and thought, fuck it, so Chas will now be known in the cx circuit as Chas ‘Cristiansen’

  • D0rk

    That color selection is flat out amazing

  • Hollis Duncan

    Clinchers or tubs? Beaut but the contis gotta go, love their road tires but their cx rubber struggles.

  • DopePedaler


  • if only it had disc..

    • andrew low


  • Beebo

    Andrew, any particular reason for the Whisky fork, rather than the “stock” Ritchey? Or is the stock changing? Just curious. Pretty seriously considering one of these as my next ‘cross bike. So nice.

    • Robert0321

      Ritchey doesn’t make tapered forks, and these Whiskey forks look sick.

    • andrew low

      Hi Beepo, Robert0321 is correct. Also, the TCB team wanted whisky forks (they got sponsorship from them directly). They look like great forks. We will probably have ENVE forks for our frames, but other options will be available as well. Also, we will be selling complete builds at very competitive prices. Get in touch with us ([email protected]) if you have any other questions!

  • Ace Carretero
  • Andy Moore

    Looks dope! I don’t see any orange #paint, though. ;]

  • KT


  • Robert0321

    The stickers being so noticeable is kind of a bummer, but whatever. This bike looks rad!

  • !!666!!!

    Precision bartaping!

  • Matt

    The debossed “Chas” on the BB shell is a nice touch.