One and Done Jul 22, 2015

This is so good. Clearly the culmination of an incredible amount of planning, Brandon Semenuk’s effortless style is the perfect complement to Anthill’s filming – all done in a single shot.

  • gvnstewart

    If I knew this section was going to be all over the internet for free today i wouldn’t have paid for the full movie yesterday. Pretty disappointed in unReal as a whole. Way too much gimmick. Just give me epic riding and filming unless mayyybe you are going to do something like Seasons by the Collective.

    • I dunno, I liked it. What’d you expect? It’s definitely gimmicky, but it’s shot really well and yeah, I guess it’s pushing the sport. That said, paying for the full movie supports the riders and the videographers…

      • gvnstewart

        I guess I expected more sections like the Semenuk section. A realistic and simple base idea thats been turned to 11. The snow riding was impressive but just totally turned me off. I will admit that I need to give it another watch. Im really tempted to edit out the parts that killed the flow for me to see if I can appreciate the crazy amount of rider and film-maker talent that went into this project.

        • Totally feel you there.

        • Secret Machine is one of the best surf films made… you just have to watch it with all of the stupid skits turned off. I wish more sports films had the ability to modify how you watched them, watching SM with the skits off became such a habit I almost forgot they were part of the movie.

    • The Collective’s early releases marked an abrupt turn in the history of mountain bike media, and we are still feeling the influence of those films. To ask filmmakers (Anthill was formed out of the Collective) to go back and recreate something that they released in the DVD era is a bit much, don’t you think? I don’t like every bit of every movie released these days, but for the most part people are putting a lot of effort into creating these projects, and I’m happy to support them.

      • Agreed. Well said Morgan!

      • gvnstewart

        The reason why I mention Seasons is that it is an mtb documentary than a lot of other mtb movies. Which I believe is a worth while interjection. Something other than riding that enriches the riding, instead of distracting from it.

        I have the utmost respect for anthill and am more than happy to support riders and film-makers. I definitely know how much a production like this costs, and just how much work it is. I am being relatively critical and picky, only because I can see just how much better it could have been with a little bit of restraint.

        • Big projects like this are often about taking the spark of an idea through to completion. This film was about outlandish ideas and following through on them in excess, right down to the title. Yes, over the top, but aren’t most feature films in mountain biking like this?

          The response to these projects is often polarized. I was really taken by Life Cycles and bought the DVD to re-watch over and over – but many people couldn’t get past the voiceover and the excessive b-roll. Other films that have been better received by the masses haven’t always been my favorites.

          Seasons, Roam, and The Collective were hugely influential in my own riding history: they opened my eyes to what mountain biking could be when my perception of it (growing up on the North Shore, working in bike shops) was actually quite jaded.

          Now that we are in the streaming era, we are so lucky to have easy access to web media and to have companies that support independent filmers and photographers to make art around bikes. I think this makes it easier to be critical of full length films, as you are subject to the culmination of someone else’s idea and you might even have to pay for it!

    • For real. This segment was the only redeeming feature.

  • Trev

    I don’t know a thing about mountain bikes or fimtography, but that whole thing was smoother than the boards in an olympic velodrome.

  • Darren McElroy

    SO good! It has been a while since a segment has put a smile on my face like that one did.

  • Brandon is so fluid. He is THE fine artist of hardcore trail riding. Everything in this mastershot wins: the biblical scenery, the plain clothes, the perfect blend of camera movement and trail flow.