Triton Bikes: Made in Moscow Jun 1, 2015

Here’s a video from Russia showcasing the work of titanium framebuilder Triton Bikes.

  • nissim

    From looking at their gallery they seem to have found quite a specific niche between trials bikes, unicycles, and 26er hardtails.

    • Trevor H

      I think they mentioned on their IG feed a week or so back that they have been getting more and more orders for 26er hardtails since the major mfgs have gone other directions..

    • Not really. I am very sorry, we have been so busy working and building frames that I have never really added the latest builds for ages. The gallery had very old photos in it.
      I deleted them all haha :)

      I am now updating the gallery with the recent frames and bikes and there are so many that it will take some time.
      Our specialization lately has been the following, in the descending order: XC 29ers, XC or XC/AM 26ers (because people still have nice wheels but find it hard to get proper frame to fit all the parts), roadies, touring frames (including the ones with Rohloff and Belt drive), CX builds, and the recent craze is Plus bikes (27.5 and 29+). We have built a few fatbikes too. Paused it for a while because there were no standards for some time. And jumping into fatties again. Will build a nice Pinion + Belt fattie soon with some HED cardbon wheels, and other nice bits.

      Thanks for your comments! Gotta work on the website. Our main means of sharing info has been mostly Facebook group and Instagram lately

      • nissim

        Very cool. I wasn’t trying to slam the company at all, cause obviously y’all are building very nice looking well made frames. It was just more of an observation that you guys seemed to have found an interesting corner of the market.

        • I got it! :)
          Well, it’s true – one of the corners is unicycles. We have built dozens of them and people around the world seem to like them. So far looks like we are the only company left that’s still building Ti unis. They are pretty pricey but we have only had only one broken and that’s what people like. The standard mass produced ones are pretty easy to snap

    • UPD: You can now check out our gallery :)
      I have uploaded some recent projects and still adding more: