The 2015 Tour Divide Race Grand Depart in Banff

Over the next few days, I’ll be rolling out coverage from what we all began to call the “Tour Divide Simulation Ride” but first, I’d like to begin with a quick gallery from the Grand Depart in Banff, Alberta.

Traditionally, the race begins in the YWCA parking lot, just across the river from the main tourist thoroughfares in Banff. This year’s turnout was the biggest yet, with around 150 people registering for the race. A quick headcount revealed around 130 at the start, with a handful of people beginning a day early or later that morning.

Still, to see a Grand Depart this size for a race like the Tour Divide was more than I expected and quite the scene. Men, women, old, young and even a canine left Banff with aspirations of finishing this grueling challenge. Over the next few weeks their mind, body, bike and soul will be put to the test…

Our trip was a bit easier but even after three days on the road, I have a new found respect for anyone willing to tackle such a feat. Best of luck to all the racers and riders still out there on the TDR.

28 responses to “The 2015 Tour Divide Race Grand Depart in Banff”

  1. AJ Tendick says:

    Pretty cool to see Colin riding this (pics 18&40).

    • Kenny says:

      Agreed.. and Cycle Trucks USA is the bomb!!

    • boomforeal says:

      that surly was my favorite bike from the set. setback rear rack, pannier and kickstand setup looks interesting, should help on manuals with a front load!

      • Colin Saman says:

        I recommend this ride to anyone who wants to ride in comfort, check it out! and on Instagram. CaddyRack with kickstand combo are game changers for enjoying a bike for utility and fun! Wait until you see the Beavertail model utility/cargo bike.

  2. charlesojones says:

    JP looks focused and fit.

  3. Chris Brown says:

    man I miss this town!

  4. Frank says:

    Thanks for the gallery John. Everyone looking so dialled and fresh and full of anticipation! Very inspiring (… as I usher the kids to their bikes for the school drop off).

  5. Amanda DelCore says:

    lol, pic #30: “you wanna ditch the jean shorts man, trust me.”

  6. Nicholas says:

    Thanks John, a very special photo series for me.

  7. Al Cowan says:

    Get it Lael! Sick and still crushing it.

  8. Ham Sandwich says:

    #22 KC celeb Joe Fox. Fast as fuck. Hell yeah!

  9. Kerry Nordstrom says:

    That Cycle Trucks Caddyrack is blowing my mind.

  10. Great set. Much respect for these riders.

  11. nspace says:

    Awesome photo set. I love the diversity in TDR setups. So cool. Awesome idea for the Pie Town headset caps!

  12. Dustin Barrientes says:

    Get it done, Phillip Bird.

    Good gallery. Looking forward to more from TDR.

  13. Makes me wish I was there!

  14. Adam Miller says:

    I wonder how many miles are on the Brooks Cambium in #27?

  15. Andrew Wade says:

    Anyone know the name of the guy riding the CX bike in #17?

  16. Kyle Sheehan says:

    So glad you got a snap of Lael!

  17. Michael Lemberger says:

    Great portrait of our man Brett! (#10)

  18. Tobias Christensen says:

    Does anyone know what top tube bag is used in pic #16?

  19. Erik_A says:

    What frame is the orange Rig 05 in pic #15? I like that taller seat-tube.

  20. Anthony Beatty says:

    How can I get a full sized pic? I’ll pay to get my pic (TDR Rig 06) and one of the full sized group pics!