Summer Solstice on the Swift Campout with Beat the Clock in Austin

Summer Solstice on the Swift Campout with Beat the Clock in Austin
Words by Gideon Tsang, photos by Gideon Tsang and Spencer Brown

On the morning of the Summer Solstice, Beat the Clock hosted a Swift Campout in honor of the longest day of the year. We awoke to the familiar cloud cover that has come with Texas’ rainiest year on record. Swampy barely beats the scorching summer sun but beggars can’t be choosers, eh?

13 of us rolled out from Sa-Ten Coffee and Eats onto the desolate roads of central Texas towards Bastrop State Park. The protagonist of the route is Old Sayers, a 10 mile gravel road filled with rolling hills and handsome oak trees. It always feels like we’re riding into a Terrence Malick film. If the storybook setting weren’t enough, we pulled over for a nature break at a tree swing. We swung with giggles and ‘Grams.

As we arrived in Bastrop early in the afternoon, the rain gods welcomed us by opening the heavens. The remainder of the evening was spent fashioning coyote scarves, camp coffee and of course, whiskey. If all days could be spent bike camping with friends, make them days longer!


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  • Kerry Nordstrom

    Fantastic stuff as always Gid and Spence!

  • Those are some cool ladies with even cooler bikes!

  • Jason Carroll

    What kind of brakes are on that beautiful Macho Man?

    • Sebastian Reinbring

      It’s the Paul Components Touring Cantis!

    • those were the limited edition purple Paul Touring Cantis I made a while back!

      • Jason Carroll

        Beautiful work. The stock Tektros on my Macho Man suck. I’ve been gazing at some Paul stuff…unsure whether or not to go minimoto or touring.

        • A lot of people go Minimoto front, Touring rear. I run touring front and back with the yoke rather high in the front and the pads nice and toe’d in.

  • Rasmus Riemann

    That Tomii and spacehorse…Wow!

  • Matt

    Shoes on the left in pic 17?

    • Adam Bowen

      Giro Ramble

    • noob_sauce

      Giro Rumble VR