Pints of Beer and Tri-Flow on the 2015 Oregon Outback – David Klayton

Pints of Beer and Tri-Flow on the 2015 Oregon Outback
Photos and words by David Klayton

Looking back on the 2015 Oregon Outback I’m inclined to call it the best yet.

This year was my second run of the Oregon Outback and I finished in two days and 11 hours. Day 1 included a bit of rain, but overall it was a blast and I reached my goal of getting to Fort Rock. Day 2 started rather abruptly as rain fell on my open bivy, but I rallied and rode out with Team Swift and Limberlost.

Making friends.

Thankfully the menacing red sauce of year one was packed down and the ride towards Prineville was exceptional after the sun came out. In Prineville the Good Bike Co was a big stop for many riders, picking up extra tubes, pints of beer and Tri-Flow.

Riding through the rain.

The ride out of Prineville at sunset with new friends along bucolic pastures and farms couldn’t have been more enjoyable. Despite the long climb, the sky was clear and the stars were out for the first time. Classic Oregon Outback. Morning came early and packing up was a snap. The descent to Ashwood was fun and the day warmed up quickly.

Davidklayton's Traitor Slot.

Rolling into Antelope I felt strong and was anxious to finish. After refilling my water I rolled on towards Shaniko. The ice cream in Shaniko was a treat I’d been thinking of for miles and provided the energy to push on for the final 60 miles. As I finished the ride Sunday evening, the light was incredible and the wind punishing…but I was happy.


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  • hans


  • Minh Nguyen

    How long did this take you? does 2 days and 11 hours mean 24+24+11? Great Stuff, I’ve only done one ride this long before and it was all paved would love to try something like this sometime. Cars suck, traffic sucks.

    • Most people do it in three days. So you’re riding 12 hours a day, then setting up camp and sleeping.

  • Justin Scoltock

    Rad re-cap and photos! Looks like the best time! Also…Foon!!!

  • stefanrohner


  • Marcos Gallegos


  • STW

    Any more tall-bike photos?

  • Jonathan McCurdy

    Drag me to hell in the valley of the Dalles…

  • Andrew Kilmartin

    so what do you need a knife for on a bike ?

    • Cutting avocado, apples, spreading peanut butter, opening shit, cutting rope / tubes. Have you never used a knife while camping?

    • Stadia

      Soap carving if still earning your whittling chip badge. Everything is fair game after that assuming you abide by the Pocketknife Pledge.

    • Knife=the original multi-tool.

      Ever had to pack your torn tire with shrubbery in order to make it out alive? Something sharp comes in real handy.

  • Andrew Kilmartin

    Yebo , yes – but wouldn’t strap one onto my hip while riding off into the sunset – very cool pics nonetheless – more tall bike guy please.

  • Saul

    What are these fluo pink bottle cage ?

  • Kevin

    So rad!

  • Apie

    That Ozette looks taller than usual, is it an xtra large?

  • Tom P

    Great shots David. It was good to have some company on the roll into Fort Rock to keep the Jack rabbits at bay. Didn’t see anyone again until the following afternoon.

  • Hannah

    Yes! Love seeing a Traitor Slot featured on such rad rides!

  • Ben Fitt

    Thanks David was fun riding with you. Here’s one of you pulling in on the last night.

  • Rad photos man!

    • thomasakelley

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  • ewalstad

    Way to go, David! Great photos and quite an accomplishment! Can’t wait to give this ride a try.