Oregon to Patagonia Jun 18, 2015

I have friends who have done this route on motos and when I asked them if they ever saw cyclists en route to Patagonia, their reaction was always along the lines of: “YES! It looked so miserable.” Understandably so with the endless dirt roads, heat, dust and lack of water. It’s strange how something that truly is miserable in the type 4 fun kinda way, could be so beautiful and life-altering. Why is that?

“The routine is the enemy… of time.”

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  • Kyle Kelley

    I can’t imagine being the son of Peter Jenkins. Looks like Jedidiah has paved his own way, while still following in the footsteps of his father. Thanks for sharing John

  • This is a great piece – you beat me to posting it!

  • Jesse

    Makes me want to divorce the wife, leave her with the three kids and the mortgage and get on my bike!