Death Spray Custom: The Deadly Sin Fork Collection – Gluttony Jun 5, 2015


Continuing with the creativity, David at Death Spray Custom just released the third installment of the Deadly Sin Fork Collection with Gluttony. All you cupcake and donut fans will love this one. Man, these are looking so good. Check out more at Death Spray Custom.

  • Erik B

    Timely posting of this one.

  • Adam Hancock


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  • nice

  • Jake Ricker

    As amazing as this is.
    And you know I be loving this shit!
    $1,200 for a fork?
    Da fuq outta here!

  • Hernan Ezequiel Montenegro

    You are paying for the hours and skills used to paint this fork. Paint jobs like these are not easy and not everyone can do them.

  • Gio Edery