Cycling the Highest Road in the World Jun 2, 2015

Ok. This is wild and well worth the watch. These two guys got the itch to do a bit of a tour, make a video and carry it on with an Instagram account. Follow along!

  • Jason

    I’ve ridden this road (the Leh-Manali highway) a few times in a Jeep and I’m fairly sure that it’s the most beautiful stretch of road on earth. Always wanted to do this on a bike….

  • Andy Moore

    Some stunning scenery, and well-earned descents, to be sure!

  • These two lads made last years Melburn Roobaix video. Livin’ the dream!

  • spcycuttlefish

    So there wasn’t a third person traveling with them? Wow, that must have been a lot of work to film the two of them together in the same scene. Excellent video.

  • breed007

    I’m pretty jaded on “bike adventure” videos but that one got to me. Very well done.

    • Missouri

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