Yanco’s Hunter Cycles ‘Cross Bike

In Los Angeles, if you don’t have a cross bike, you’re fuckin’ up. Seriously. There are so many dirt roads and tracks to explore, all within the city limits that you’ll quickly realize your road bike or mountain bike’s limitations.

For Yanco, he wanted a frame from a California pedigree. He had put a deposit down with Hunter Cycles a while back, way before the second year of Mudfoot Stinners popped up. So when his spot in the Hunter queue finally came up, he contacted Geoff McFetridge and Aaron about setting him up with a Mudfoot-painted ENVE fork for his Hunter.

At first, no one was sure how it’d look, but after Rick posted a photo of the grey frame with blue logos, we all knew it’d look incredible. Matched with mango Chris King, some Paul skewers and a little sumpin’ sumpin’ locked into the downtube bottle bosses, this bike has some real style…

Then it fell over and I felt horrible! Sorry Yanco! Hopefully it’s not the last time this bike goes #RubberSideUp…

  • colavitos_ghost

    that delicate wishbone + beefcake chainstays = wildly awesome.

    • Dobry

      I love it. Tiny, tiny seatstays and chainstays the size of the toptube!

  • RyanMcAroni

    Can we get some more info on the sumpin’ sumpin’?

    I love the contrast between Rick’s build and the ENVE fork. I don’t think I’ve seen those 2 in a combo together before. It looks great!

    • Dell Todd

      I have a hunch the sumpin’ sumpin’ bag is accessed for coaches meetings / safety meetings / hilltop celebrations in preparation for the glorious descent.

  • TannerJames

    The down-tube bottle cage looks way high…what is up with that? Easier reach?

    • caliente

      Yeah! that is interesting, the seat-tube cage looks super low too. I would think that they are positioned this way intentionally (custom bike and all) but I’d love to hear the reasoning behind it.
      Nice bike! looks like fun.

      • btdubs

        If you run a bottle/cage during a cross race, you usually run just one. A far-forward position allows you to still shoulder the bike easily. By mounting the rear cage lower, it prevents the cage (or bolts if the cage is removed) from digging into your arm when you shoulder the bike. It actually surprises me this design isn’t more prevalent on production bikes. I’m guessing it’s because people aren’t used to seeing it.

    • Robert Hest

      I would guess the bottle cage arrangement is like that for ease of shouldering.

    • Davey Struthers

      room for frame bag and bottles!

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    Man, I’ve always wanted to ask about tip-overs but thought it best not to raise awareness to that scenario. Hopefully the pedal/saddle/hood scuffs were kept to a minimum!

  • Tyler Morin

    This bike is so rad, love it!

  • Andrew Deane

    What bar tape is that?

    • arlcyclist

      Looks like Lizard Skins DSP 1.8mm.

  • Dobry

    Great looking bike. That gray with the electric-ish blue looks awesome.

  • James Norman Woodley

    does that little bag carry hopes and dreams?

    • Tony Clifton

      Safety first…

  • Trenton South

    Really digging this bike, though I feel that a matching mudfoot stem in a matched blue of the fork would send this cockpit over the top!!!

  • hans

    hell yeah yanco!

  • Justin Scoltock

    This bike is all things rad in one! Loving the way the wishbone seat stays and mini-motos curve together. Also gotta hit Yanco up for one of those down tube bags!

  • Robert Hest

    Any idea why the brake cables are clamped above the bolt rather than below? That’s the opposite of how Paul instructs you to route them.

    • btdubs

      Because bikes are about adventure and breaking the rules brother

  • Rich May

    Anyone know the ral code for this grey colour? Does it even have a real code?

    • Tony Clifton

      I’m pretty sure that’s the same color as my Hunter – Rick calls it “midtown grey.” I can get the RAL from him this weekend.


      • Rich May

        Cool, I would appreciate that!

        • Rich May

          And for full disclosure, it’s because I have a mango CK headset waiting to go onto a custom frame of my own, and I was planning on grey but unsure which shade would look best with the orange. I would only want to borrow the colour if RIck is cool with that.

  • adanpinto

    Nice build. Love it.

  • I love the bike! As a fellow bag maker I also love the little touches like the downtube bag and the sewing machine logo. Well done!

  • scottmbobbitt
  • btdubs

    Yanco fuckin’ wins.

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