Via Ferrata May 12, 2015

Not for the agoraphobic or those suffering from vertigo, the Via Ferrata is hardly a MTB trail, unless you’re Harald Philipp.

  • Correction, the Via Ferrata isn’t a trail either. It’s a style of trail where you’re clipped into and protected by a steal cable. He rode the via ferrata Benini, Vidi and Oris.

  • AJ

    I think you mean acrophobia… agoraphobia is something quite different.

    • Agoraphobia is where you get sick from uncomfortable environments.

      • Matt

        It’s the fear of being somewhere uncomfortable because it can induce panic. Most people associate that with socially anxious types afraid to leave the house for fear of having a panic attack around people, but this could teeeechnically count.

        • AJ

          Well, to be completely technical it means fear of open spaces or crowds (an agora being a market place), but the common use of the word has been shifted to be a little more general.

      • 42069

        agoraphobic nosebleed is a sick environment

  • Harald is a rad dude! I got to take him for a ride the day after we both presented at a film fest in Vancouver. His views on “bike mountaineering” are truly inspirational.