Trail Ninjas and Shuttle Runs May 13, 2015



The idea of a shuttle run is something very foreign to me. You gotta earn that descent! Still, a few friends here in Los Angeles have been trying to get me to wake up at 5am to hit the Mt Wilson shuttle with them and this morning, I finally gave in.



Ed from the Glitch Mob wrangled some people together, including Ty from Golden Saddle and myself to ride a few trails down from Mt Wilson to JPL. It was a deep crew of about 8 people. They were all on enduro bikes and I was on a hardtail. Most everyone had full face helmets or pads on, so I had no idea what to expect.



In the past I’ve ridden a few of these trails, minus what’s called “the chutes” by locals. A few spills, some #RubberSideUp and we were all smiles. Nothing like going OTB into a rock garden. Thanks for the knee pads, Ty.




All in all, we were back to the real world by 8am and now I’ve got a few bumps and bruises to tell the tale…



Thank you Ed for showing me yet another side of Los Angeles’ cycling community. Hopefully I’ll get to see you on tour brother!

  • Tony Clifton

    5:00 am? Yeah, fuck that…

    • btdubs

      Early to bed, early to shred.

      • Ace Carretero

        Early to Fred*

  • GioFio

    EdIT! Hell yeah man. “Love Death Immortality” is pretty killer.
    Would be cool to ride with a musical badass, and he shreds too!

  • elingers

    Chris and everyone who run the shuttles are awesome. Great crew. I’ll be hitting the shuttles this weekend!

  • Always great to hang with u my man. I’ll holler when I’m in Austin. Good times boss.

  • Brian Sims

    Shuttle Monkey Runs! Upper and Middle Merrill, Sunset, El Preito. Some great shit for sure. Even better when you climb up Lower Sam Merrill to Mt Lowe Toll Road. LSM is a kick in the pants. No joke from the word go. Even better when you keep going on up to Mt Wilson then drop the backside down Kenyon Devore. Big vert, big miles, big lots of technical trail.

    Welcome to the San Gab Prolly. Seems like you’ve been dancing around the edges for a while. This trip you’ve done Strawberry, now this. Good stuff!

    You did the Backbone Trail a while back. Now some of the best in the Angeles. You now need to get down to San Juan in the OC. Ride from the bottom up to Blue Jay and back. 22 miles of kick ass singletrack.

    • Yeah! We’ve done LSM, Lowe, Echo, Chilao, Silver Moccasin, and all that stuff before. Next time I wanna do Darkside of Mt Wilson. I hear it’s wild.

      • Brian Sims

        Yeah the darkside is great! I recommend at least front suspension. The lower section can beat you up.

        I was out there a few weeks ago on a really enjoyable solo ride. Strawberry Figure 8

        • Yeah, I’ll shred on my Rosko hard tail, but Ty used to shred all that shit on his Pugsley. It’s way rockier in Austin than anything I’ve ridden in LA, there just isn’t 5,000′ of exposure to cradle you to your death.

          You can do anything on a rigid. You might just walk some sections…

  • Jamie McKeon

    DUDE Master Chief vibes are f_cking killer, including the blacked out 4×4.

  • Alex Hillis

    John, I know you can handle the descents on a hardtail cause you’re a badass, but if you’re ever looking for a handmade FS, Bicycle Fabrications in SF could be an option. Not affiliated at all, I mostly just want to see a gallery of one of their bikes :)

  • Richard Carle

    Dat tacoed rear rim though!