Team Dream Sunset Chasing and a Stinner Shakedown

The first ride on a custom bike is one of the best feelings in the world. At least to cyclists. Every pedal stroke, every turn, you form the beginnings of a new relationship with a machine that will hopefully one day take you to your dream landscape or roadscape.

For Sean from Team Dream Team, his Stinner hardtail has been in a shop since Sea Otter, getting everything dialed in for riding. When your dream bike is the poster child for a company like Mavic, sometimes it comes down to the wire and “the functioning build” is actually more of a “photoshoot-ready build.”

Anyway I’m in LA, stressed from being on the road, shooting photos and trying to maintain sanity but on Monday, I cracked. I needed to ride. I too have a new MTB and I wanted to shake it down some mountains and splash some sand across its powdercoat. Sean and I dipped out on responsibility, in a fuck-work kind of way and pedaled our way up to Brown, to hit one of my favorite descents in the area, El Prieto.

It happened to be at sunset and guess what? It’s LA, the weather was perfect. The dirt was dry, the poison oak was parched but on-trail adjustments were made resulting in a perfect shred sled sess…

  • C.Silver

    That ENG goalie jersey!

    • Jamie McKeon

      joe hart shreds!

  • Peperbek

    A first ride on a Stinner Hardtail is indeed one of the best feelings in the world. If you’re in for a custom frame have Aaron weld you one. Great guy, great bike!

  • Tony Clifton

    I see the Rosko is back in action with a 2.25 out back…

    • Yeah new frame!

      • Tony Clifton

        Hunter is building me a very similar frame as we speak (or so I’m told).

  • hans

    good loop to break in the Rosko dude!

  • Interesting looking headlight. Do you know what brand it is John?

    • Faz

      That’s a Specialized Flux by the look of it.

    • Specialized Flux!

  • gabriellelbishop

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